HP 11.6" Dual-Core Chromebook

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HP 11.6" Dual-Core Chromebook
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HP 11-1101 Chromebook Product Support

Oh, I know some of you have this Chromebook. Talk to me, people! Share the love.

How do you use your Chromebook?

Can you load windows 7 on this thing?

Yeah…and ruin the whole point…

Thanks TT. I mostly use mine to stalk you…but in slow moments I use it to eMail, web browse and manage my property using an online package.

I belong to several eMail rings and being able to save attachments to my gdrive is a plus.

TT> Sweety. Baby. I love you like the dickens but I can’t keep pimping out for you for these off-brands.

Throw me up there an HP 14 w/ T-Mobile 200megs a month for life and I’ll be yours forever sugar…

I can’t just keep on bleating about the Chrome OS. Machines matter.

That being said, I have been able to do everything I want on the lightweight Chrome OS.

Go ahead you turkey jerkers with your obscure programs you want to run. Chrome OS can do it better and cheaper :wink:

That is it my love, I hope this helped!

We have had one in the house for just over a year now. Hadn’t really touched it in about 6 months (ever since I got my Asus Chromebox, added 8GB of RAM and twin 27" IPS displays…but I digress). It has become my wife’s goto machine (not sure why we even have a Windows machine anymore…no one ever uses it…kids both have Acer C270’s…and the wife doesn’t miss Windows a bit). I took this lappy to Vegas last weekend for a boys trip and I must say I forgot how impressed I am with this unit. A year in it still blazes, boots up in 5 seconds and is just about the perfect size (I am too old to use the 11.6" and to lazy to carry anything over 14"). If you can live inside of Chrome (and I run a relatively large real estate management practice on my Chromebox) than you should try it out. Hell even Microsoft gave in and offers a pretty robust online Office solution for free.

I owned/returned one of these and liked the laptop itself a lot, but 2gb RAM is not enough for any Chromebook to run satisfactorily. I wouldn’t consider it at half this price.

As a teacher I find my Chromebook nice to take with me when I’m on the road, which allows me to leave my school-issued
MacBook Pro in my classroom. I use my Chromebook for just about anything web-based. Runs fine with Netflix, a Facebook, ebay, email, etc. If you really take a good look at how you use your computer, I’d guess you are probably online so the Chromebook offers awesome battery life, performance similar to a laptop with the same specs, a lighter weight and a cheaper price.

I currently own an ASUS C300 and even though it is only a 2GB model, it runs just fine.

Beardgod I agree with you. The fast boot time and sheer amount of productivity you can now do online in the cloud makes any Chrome device worth looking into. Now, if I could just get a Java plugin so I could run Powergrade on it I’d be totally satisfied.

no, you cant

i have 2 of them. actually typing this on one. loved it so much i bought my wife one. she rarely thinks i do anything right… and yet she likes hers too.

think anything you do online, this rocks for. anything that requires you to load a program for, this cant do. its basically a lightweight compact web browser.

i own this one they are selling, also runs great. only hiccup is really graphically intense webpages are slow to render.

Just a warning, the Exynos 5250 processor in this model is ourdated and very slow. This is a Yugo in a Lexus world.

This is an important caveat for buyers to be aware of. You won’t be breaking any speed records with this Chromebook.

That said, I’m actually typing this response on this very same Chromebook, even though I have a MacBook Pro in a backpack about 7 feet from where I’m sitting and a Xeon workstation the next room over. I think that ultimately says something for the practicality and convenience of this device: it’s easily sufficient for casual browsing and email, it has a great display and keyboard, it’s small and lightweight, and it can be charged anywhere with micro USB.

Further, recent updates to Chrome OS have made it more responsive than it used to be.

I think it’s the prefect coffee table computer, and of course Chrome OS means never having to wait for Windows updates. Just don’t expect this Chromebook to be your main computer; that’s what the Pixel 2 is for…

I work at an Elementary School and we currently maintain 2 COW (computer on wheels) carts with about 30 Chromebooks each. Students use them pretty heavily each day for Google Docs, online math programs, even this year’s CODE.ORG kid event. Kids are a pretty good testament to both ease of use and durability…

…well, about that. While the ease of use is great, the durability is so-so. We’ve had 20% hardware failure with his particular model of Chromebook, everything from damaged charging outlets (won’t charge anymore) to bad touchpads (won’t properly register touch or click anymore) to sticky keys, broken lids, and broken casings (while you’d think this would be from kids dropping them on the floor, mostly, it was from kids just setting them on their desk and sliding them with their hands). On the plus side… umm, pretty good screens and hardly any problems with dead pixels / cracking?

I’ve had a chromebook (2 version) for a while now and use it frequently around the house.

[] Battery life is fantastic.
] Quick boot.
[] Most apps run nicely if they’re on their own, so it’s not a bad Netflix box or a social media machine. (Note: Google+ Hangouts are completely non-functional on this machine, ironically.)
] Very light.

[] The slower processor and low RAM severely limit what the machine can do, so don’t expect to multi-task!
] You are limited to Chrome’s webstore apps.

If you’re into hardware hacking and you delve into developer mode you will need to physically modify the machine to disable r/w protection. While I’ve put both Kali and Arch Linux on these machines it was a chore to handle the very weird partition system that you are forced to use, and to navigate the signed boot protections.