HP 11-G6 Intel Quad-Core 32G Chromebook

HP 11-G6 Intel Quad-Core 32G Chromebook

Key features: “•Windows 10 is so familiar and easy to use, you’ll feel like an expert. It starts up and resumes fast, has more built-in security to help keep you safe, and comes with great built-in apps like Maps, Photos, Mail & Calendar, Music, and Video.”

And we wonder why people think Chromebooks run Windows!

Whoops. Fixed.

I’ll type out my experience in case it helps anyone in a similar situation:

My unit came set to Hangouts Meet mode (that is it was configured for use as a teleconferencing device in a business environment). THE Chromebook support website implied that it couldn’t be set back to chromebook mode. Other sites gave keyboard short cuts, but apparently they only work if the device is registered to the business network first.

Finally I found the fix: A website gave the keyboard shortcut to set a chromebook INTO hangouts mode: ctrl-alt-h. I pressed this and then the device prompted ‘are you sure you want to set Hangouts Meet?’. I clicked cancel and the device rebooted into chromebook mode.

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