HP 11" 11-G4EE Intel Dual-Core Chromebook

This is on the android app compatibility list so it should eventually support Android apps.
EDIT: hp.com seems to be selling this configuration for $422.
EDIT#2: this seems to have the model number T9H50AV
EDIT#3: I found this review that complains of a poor screen and subpar battery life on this chromebook’s non-ee cousin. Not sure how much of that still applies.

…does this computer have wi-fi?

Cant find an answer to that…I tried and tried. Now, back to bed. :wink:

Right in the specs section.

Can we please not get repeat listings for items already on sale? At least offer some touchscreen options now that Play Store is offered on a few machines.

There’s an opening on left side. Does that lead to an SD card port?

Yes- it will support these formats: SD Memory Card , SDHC Memory Card , SDXC Memory Card , SDXC UHS Memory Card


According the the HP page for this item (which I got to by Googling):

Expansion slots
1 multi-format digital media reader
(Supports SD, SDHC, SDXC)

Try it, it’s easy and fun!


I’ve had an Asus chromebook similar to this with a touchscreen for almost 2 years. It still works great for web surfing but don’t believe for a minute that it will run android apps. Never has, never will. If you plan to use any app other than chromecast or kindle, get an android tablet and a keyboard. It also works fine for netflix and amazon video. The SD card sticks out so it’s for temporary storage. NAS or cloud storage works best.
It’s a great portable computer for people who are vulnerable to hackers too.

We do have this model in a Woot Plus sale, but it is Factory Reconditioned as opposed to the New condition that we have in this Daily.

I bought a Chromebook about 4 months ago as an experiment. I’m glad I did.

Natively it does 90% of what I need a laptop to do- start fast, prevent virus problems, surf the web swiftly, go anywhere in a lightweight form factor and last a long time while on battery power.

For the 10% of tasks where a Chromebook cannot do the job I use a remote desktop app (VNC, TeamViewr, Chrome Remote Desktop, etc) to log into my Win7 PC thru the Chromebook.

If I lose the chromebook the next one will have everything on it once I log into my Google acct.

PC Mag gives it a good review and recommendation. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3052858/hardware/hp-chromebook-11-g4-review-this-low-cost-laptop-stands-out-for-its-speed-and-solid-construction.html