HP 12.3" X2 12-F015NR 32GB Chromebook

HP 12.3" X2 12-F015NR 32GB Chromebook

Does this come with the pen?

What type of refurb is this? Is it HP factory refurb or 3rd party?

Is woot! good about returning/exchanging for things like discolored screen, etc. that can happen with refurbs?


Hi there. This is 3rd party refurbished. If it’s manufactor refurbished, we’ll list it as factory reconditioned.

We have a 30-day return policy.

Here’s our return policy:


Thanks for the response. The Amazon reviews for the 3rd party refurbs mentioned things like yellow area on the screen or line in front facing camera as possible problems. I’m assuming those issues would warrant a return with woot! policy?

Thanks again!

Yes, definitely.

We just heard from our vendor, these do come with the pen. SURPRISE!!