HP 13.3" Intel Core i5 Touch Ultrabook

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HP 13.3" Intel Core i5 Touch Ultrabook
Price: $579.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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7/21/2014 - $579.99 - 30 comment(s)

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Comments from a Previous Sale

Wish it had 8gb of ram…I’ve been been looking at this ultrabook. Ram is soldered on too.

I got this on the last sale. It’s amazing. Build quality is next level. Damn shame it has Windows.

Bummer. That’s a deal breaker for me too. I’m still hesitant to buy refurb laptops from woot anyways since I got stuck with a netbook a few years ago that had a small crack in the case.

The memory may only be 4GB but Windows 8 only requires 1GB. When you factor in the solid state drive, you are still going to get an increase in performance over a regular notebook. There are a number or articles that describe the differences between HHD and SSD drive. In a PC Mag article, it states:

A PC or Mac with an SSD boots faster, launches apps faster, and has higher overall performance. Witness the higher PCMark scores on laptops and desktops with SSD drives, plus the much higher scores and transfer times for external SSDs vs. HDDs.

I am coming from a traditional notebook that is three years old, but has 8GB of memory. This will still be a big performance bump for me. I think 4GB is enough for most people. Obviously, if you already have a computer with a SSD and 8GB of memory, you will not see a performance bump. However, I think most are still on traditional laptops because they are cheaper. This price tag is in my price range for a laptop. For now, I will deal with only having 128GB of drive space because I need a lptop that will handle QuickBooks. It’s god awful slow and driving me nuts. I’m hoping this laptop will provide enough of a performance increase to make QuickBooks bearable.

I bought one of these on the last Woot. I. LOVE. IT. Fast, light, build quality is excellent, and very good battery life.

The only thing I can ping it on is that sometimes the trackpad can be a hassle. It’s like it forgets where it “is” on the screen and you have to repeat a movement. This is absolutely a driver issue in my mind and I am sure HP will resolve it.

IMO - this machine is a STEAL at $579.

I had the same fears - mine didn’t have a mark on it and the 4GB of RAM seems fine.

No drop in price since last time?
Assuming a three year life cycle and no resale value, the depreciation rate on this laptop is $193.33/year which equates to $0.529/day. So since the last time this was sold on woot, I would expect a drop in price to reflect the 16 days of about $8.47.

Who do you think you’re fooling woot?

Pricing isn’t a mathematical equation. It’s based on a lot of factors.

Right. They also include the demand and what is the perceived value in the current market. Plus you should factor in how much technology has improved since this ultrabook was released in 2013. There is better technology out there, but I still think this is a good deal considering the best price I can find for new-very good condition was about $750 on cowboom when you include shipping. That said, I don’t think an $8 discount is too much to ask. :slight_smile:

Edit: The one on Cowboom is only 2GB of memory.

Windows 8.1
Would buy one if came with windows 7 option for 8

Can anyone confirm if this includes 5ghz wifi support? I don’t see mention of dual band anywhere and 802.11n 5 ghz is optional.

I have too much 2.4ghz interference / saturation in my neighborhood so 5ghz is pretty much a must.

Does this factory refurbished one come with the same warranty as the new one?

90 days.

One wooter in a previous sale said he installed this wifi card. Is that 5GHz? Sorry, I am not wifi savy. I can handle servers but couldn’t tell you what the speed difference is between g and n wireless.