HP 13.3" Intel Core i5 Touch Ultrabook

My husband bought some HP AIO refurbs from woot awhile back. Great machines. Sometime after they were set up, we got a message asking if we wanted to purchase a two year warranty. So we did. I think it was $60.

I am thinking that for this, I’ll get a Squaretrade because it covers accidental damage. The HP one does not. I have had to file a claim with Squaretrade when my son went swimming with his phone in his pocket. It came back looking brand new. This will be my laptop, and I have no plans on letting it fall down the steps, but I am a klutz. I’m bound to trip on flat ground and drop it at some point. I try not to walk with any electronics in my hand for that very reason.

Don’t let the 90 warranty worry you. Squaretrade will cover you if you purchase one through them. I’ve never been disappointed with Squaretrade. No, I do not work for Squaretrade. :slight_smile:

I’m a Mac girl but I need to replace my son’s outdated Macbook. He’s 11 and very into Minecraft. I realize the GPU is important for games, but I don’t know if I want to spend much more than $500 on a laptop for him.

Anyone know if this will perform well when playing Mincraft?

Does the refurb come with Lightroom 5 because… I totally already bought it without finding out first.

Wishful thinking?

Umm it does comes with LR5.