HP 13-G1 13.3" QHD+ 16GB DDR3 Chromebook

This is a terrible deal.

I can buy a great chromebook for under $200. I can buy a good Windows PC for $600.

Why would I want this garbage?

Because it’s still one of the nicest Chromebooks available. It’s basically the equivalent of a 2016 Chromebook Pixel (the line was not continued after the 2015 model,) and this is almost half the original price.

You can certainly get a Chromebook for <$200, but it will not be nearly as good as this one (which does have its downsides, like heat output and battery life.) Your crappy cheap Chromebook will not have nearly as nice a display, a backlit keyboard, a CPU this powerful, and probably not more than 4 GB of RAM, if even that.

A Windows machine would be for other uses (i.e. not what 90% of people do, like Web browsing, e-mail, music, and video, which is the whole point of ChromeOS.)

By all means buy whatever you want, but the only “garbage” here is you and your terrible opinions!

What do you use it for primarily?

Well I use a Chromebook…primarily, i.e., I use it for nearly everything I need a PC to do. Obviously Web browsing, but e-mail, productivity (Google Docs, or office.com if you prefer), music (any streaming service), video (Netflix, Youtube, Plex.)

You can use ChromeOS for pretty much everything that doesn’t specifically require Windows; you could even install Ubuntu and run other Linux applications if you really need to. But if not for gaming, and running that Plex server, I wouldn’t need any Windows machines.

This particular Chromebook works like every other one, it’s just nicer than most of the cheaper ones. The high-resolution display is excellent, and it has a nice backlit keyboard as well. It’s got a beautiful metal design, and is thin and pretty light too. It also helps that 16 GB of RAM is the most you can find on any Chromebook, so opening dozens of tabs simultaneously is no problem on this device.