HP 13-G1 13.3" QHD+ Aluminum Chromebook

Received one today (well yesterday) from the previous woot. The $499.99 configuration. The screen is GREAT – bright, with deep colors, high contrast. The computer is very fast, light and nice looking. Obviously, Chrome is limited and may or may not match your needs.

Do you ship overseas?
And are these refurbished by HP?

This link should answer one of your questions

Checkout will answer the other question.

I remember when a ‘bargain’ for a good Chromebook was about $139. I got one for that price that came with FREE lifetime cell service from T-Mobile. This price is a joke.

I wish T-mobile still had that deal. THey just cut it off earlier this spring :frowning:

Typing this from a Chromebook I got off Woot over two years with the T-Mobile Pass. I rarely use it, but must say it has come in handy!

The $139 Chromebooks were never this high spec. If you want one of those spec Chromebooks, there are two to choose from in the sale.

Wonder if you could use a newer hp chromebook with the sim card from an older one for the free service?

This is a BUSINESS class device! Some of us use Chromebooks to do business so we need a device that can handle that!