HP 13-G1 13.3" QHD+ Aluminum Chromebook

UPDATE: WOOT CS solved the problem and got me the correct Chromebook. See postings below. THANK YOU WOOT CS !!!


I ordered the m3 version the last time it was offered and WOOT sent the cheaper, slower one. I contacted WOOT CS for an exchange and they told me the m3 was not available and could not be supplied. I took a risk and got a small refund and tried the slower cpu out — am finding it is too slow.

Now WOOT has this available and TWO CS people told me either they will not correct WOOTs error and exchange my chromebook or this item is not for sale !!! So, you may not want to order the m3 today according to the email below from WOOT:


I understand your concern regarding the replacement for the order you received. Please let me explain this to you.

I’ve checked our website and see that the item is not on sale and hence we are unable to create replacement for the item.

We’re sorry that we haven’t been able to address your concerns. We understand that this situation has been frustrating but, unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer any additional help with this matter.

We appreciate your business, however, and hope you give us the chance to serve you in the future.

Best regards,


So, WOOT makes a mistake and ships the wrong chromebook, refuses to correct their error, and tells me they won’t and/or can’t correct their error. (I asked for the m3 to be sent and for the partial refund to be reversed)

I can accept a mistake being made — but come on, they should be helpful in correcting THEIR error and not mislead me.

lloydrj: Let me check in with CS.


THANK YOU ThunderThighs !!!

Karis from customer service emailed me and the problem is solved!!!

I REALLY APPRECIATE your help in getting me the correct Chromebook. In the end, WOOT CS came through !!!

CS did all the work. I just called attention to the issue. I’m glad it worked out. Karis is a gem.

I also had the same issue of ordering the Chromebook with the M3 processor and instead receiving the Pentium based processor. They told me they were out of stock of the M3 so they offered a small refund instead.

I’m in the same situation as the above posters. If I could have the m3 version instead of the partial refund I would appreciate it

I bought the pentium version most likely when the previous posters ordered the M3 as an app exclusive. Only by the time I got to the sale the M3 (for an unbelievable $10 more) was no longer offered. I suppose now the low price makes sense as it was obviously an error. I will say I have no buyers regret with the pentium, but its not perfectly smooth for 4k. Not a major issue to me, I’m delighted with this computer. I had returned the asus flip (new and not from woot) prior to this purchase (unresponsive/slowresponsive touch pad and screen and feels like a bulky cheap childs computer)- I am very satisfied with the HP 13 G-1 pentioum which is perfectly smooth and the video at 1080 is very nice on this fantastic screen. This chromebook is a polished nickel. I can’t see how 4K could look better on a screen this size, but upon testing 4k playback the processor did stutter a bit. For my money and considering that has been the only issue I’m happy and look forward to a year or two with this machine-

But had I purchased the M3 I would have expected woot to make me whole now that they are for sale only a few days later. So good luck to all those that were quick to grab the m3 before it was removed. They are faithful wooters and their loyalty should be met by woot with the same loyalty. Just one mans opinion.