HP 13-G1 13.3" QHD+ Aluminum Chromebook

There is a reason these things sell out so fast! I bought one of these for a relative and I knew I was going to test run the OS so that I could help them out. This 2-week test run turned into 2 months as this became one of my daily drivers. I have a laptop that I use for work which can do heavier tasks like video editing and what not, but this became the laptop that I carry around everywhere and brought home. Between the battery life, the screen (which I was not expecting to find so brilliant), and the overall luxury feel of the device, I could not believe that I could get a machine like this at these prices. Just look at the price of these laptops new and you will see that this is truly a steal of a sale.

TL;DR This laptop is really spectacular. Don’t let the specs deter you, this laptop supports Android Apps and hopefully with the new update, Debian packages. If you want a laptop that is a daily driver for most of your basic needs, media consumption, and other around the house needs, this is a serious contender.

Which processor?

Agreed! I’m typing on my Woot refurb’d HP 13 right now! The Core M3 model is probably the best value in terms of price-to-performance, but the M5 version is probably worth it just for the increase in RAM alone (the next time these are available again.)