HP 13-G1 14" QHD+ Aluminum Chromebook

Description has 14" in it
HP 13-G1 14"
but specs say 13.3" Screen.
Is this just a typo, or where is the discrepancy if not.

Thanks for pointing that out. We fixed it :slight_smile:

I guess you’re welcome. I really had my heart set on a 14". Me and my big mouth. :wink:

Which version has the touch screen? I know that some versions do not have a touch screen, while some of the higher end configurations do. Please let me know, thanks!

Note to buyers: It’s likely that this display is RG/BW Pentile and not true 3200x1800. I have no confirmation for this particular laptop, but HP has a track record for using RG/BW Pentile in most of its laptops that claim high resolutions, including other 14" models claiming 3200x1800.

A whole lot nicer than a 1366x768 TN display, but debatable at best whether it should be called 3200x1800.


This one does not have a touch screen. We will note it in the title and specs if it does.

Do these have extra Google Drive storage service included? I got 100 GB from the Toshiba Chromebook 2 refurb I got here a couple years ago, and that is expiring this fall.

No, sorry.