HP 13" Intel Core i5 Touch Ultrabooks

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HP 13" Intel Core i5 Touch Ultrabooks
Price: $599.99 - 679.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Jun 30 to Thursday, Jul 03) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Let’s learn all about USB 3.0 and learn all about the processor

CPU Benchmark

Pretty good deal for a 13" ultrabook. Keyboard looks to be the weakest link, but really is anyone going to make a better laptop keyboard than the ThinkPad keyboard we so fondly remember?

HP Spectre 13-3001xx Product Support Page

HP Spectre 13-3001xx User Guide

I was deciding between this and a Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus a month back. I ended up with the Samsung and am very happy with it. But this HP is a very good price and the upgraded RAM and SSD space would have been VERY welcome on my Samsung. Overall seems like a good deal to me and maybe would have changed my decision. The only big negative I think is that the battery life in hours is significantly less.

So is this keyboard backlit? There is a review of an HP Spectra 13 out there from CNET that claims this keyboard is backlit. However, I want to make sure this model is not a special order or something. I have seen that before where backlit keyoards, touch screen, camera, microphone, etc are left off a special order model. http://www.cnet.com/products/hp-spectre-13t-3000-ultrabook/

The 4 cell battery is a deal breaker.

I’m not sure that GPU will drive a QHD screen that well. Should be fine for basic things and most video playback, but I would suspect it’s otherwise underpowered for that resolution.

Why is the 4 cell battery a deal breaker? The CNET review says it will last 8+ hours. I’m just curious…thanks.

Exactly. You’ve got to look at how much power the system draws, not just the battery capacity.

Mighty fine deals, though. SSDs, full HD resolution screens, core i5. Plenty to like here.

Oh wow… the higher-end model has a QHD display and a 256 GB SSD? For under $700? That’s a steal right there… the SSD alone would cost almost $300.

256 GB SSD costs around $150

Wow. They’ve come down quite a bit since I last looked. I remember paying nearly as much for a 120 GB not even two years ago.


Guess I know what shopping for soon.

How would this laptop handle lightweight photo processing? Basic photoshop/lightroom.

And is it safe to assume it could output 1080p video through HDMI just fine?

Sorry, we (and the vendor) do not know. I would suggest going with the assumption that they are not backlit so as not to be disappointed.

Both should handle it quite well. The displays will be wonderful for photo work, though the dual core i5 might struggle a bit with larger files. It’s a U series CPU, which is designed for better battery life, not raw number crunching. Still, for light work it should be fine.


Both will output 1080p just fine, though in the case of the QHD model, that will actually be less resolution than the built-in display. The full HD model will be able to do pixel perfect mirroring, though.

So buy an aftermarket battery of whatever cell count you want?! Amazon is your friend.

I just bought and returned two of the 15" models similar to this in spec this last week (One was to be for me, one for my wife). The keyboard and touchpads are absolutely godawful, the rest of the hardware is a solid “Meh.”