HP 14" 14-G1 Intel Dual-Core 16GB Chromebook

HP 14" 14-G1 Intel Dual-Core 16GB Chromebook

I’m rating this a DO NOT BUY as updates (security / features / bug fixes) ended in Oct 2019.

Woot: The End of Life date is the MOST IMPORTANT spec; it should be at the top of the specs.

You should know by now that our computer listings are pretty standard. We put the OS information in both the features and the specs. We’re not going to change this just for you. You can stop adding that line or keep doing it if you desire.

I would, except Woot did start putting it at the top of the specs for several of the more recent Chromebooks you’ve sold.

The request still stands; people should be able to IMMEDIATELY tell if a Chromebook is out of support or not WITHOUT having to scroll through all the specs.

Same is true for iPhones/iPads/Android Tablets/etc. NO ONE should be stuck with a device that they didn’t know wasn’t be updated (by the manufacturer) any longer.