HP 14" AMD 32GB Solid State Drive Laptop

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HP 14" AMD 32GB Solid State Drive Laptop
Price: $149.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Yeah for real. Yikes.

I had the absolute pleasure of updating one of these amazing machines to the fall creators update over the weekend. Yes, it took literal hours.

I have some useful information for you all!

The 32GB drive wasn’t enough to install the fall creators update, and the laptop will yell at you to update repeatedly with security warnings until you do. You’ll need a 16GB drive or higher in order to install it after it tries and fails repeatedly to install the update. Eventually you’ll be prompted to add a flash drive or SD card to continue the update.

Keep in mind, I needed 14GB with the system already having just 5GB of its storage left, which was the LOWEST I could bring it with no installed programs or apps. I RECOMMEND USING A 32GB FLASH DRIVE OR SD CARD, just to be safe.

That said, $149 isn’t a good price for what ends up being a web browser with a keyboard.

Yup, this is why I recommend Windows devices with AT LEAST 128 GB of storage (SSD) even if they technically run with 32 or 64 GB. Also, as it largely limits you to Web browsing, this is effectively a Chromebook, just less efficient and secure.

32GB… plenty of space…with a Win10 install on the same drive…

It’s a no from me.

Not a bad price until you realize it will take another $250 of upgrade parts to make it more functional than a Kindle running Windows.

Would make a fine Manjaro Linux machine.

I was going to ask how these fared against the comparably priced ThinkPads that show up here from time to time, but I seem to already have my answer.

MUST use a external hard drive or a large flash drive to update WIndows 10 (over and over). In a year or so WIndows 10 will not fit on a 32GB SSD at all so then what. Run do not walk from this crap deal. An overpriced very slow internet box that you can install nothing else on.

I thought this MIGHT be an “okay” deal on a big Chromebook.

Instead it’s a painful way to bring Windows10 to someone’s life…