HP 14" AMD A9 Dual-Core 128GB Notebook

HP 14" AMD A9 Dual-Core 128GB Notebook

Is this a touch screen?

Over the past 3 months, I’ve upgraded my laptop needs ALL with HPs from Woot.

One was new (a “student hardened” education model) I use ONLY for audio editing, the other two are refurbs. One is for general purpose with great sound, the other is now an experimental Linux box.

With the exception of one factory refurbished model coming with a Targus power supply, all look brand new.

If you need a bargain-bin smallish Windows laptop, and that laptop needs to be as cheap as possible, this will technically fit the bill. The A-series processors are anemic (this one is comparable, roughly, to a 3rd-gen, Y-series i5), so don’t expect to do a whole lot more than some web browsing, word processing, and 10-year-old gaming. Minimum acceptable RAM and storage, low-res screen (1366x768).

No mention of it on HP’s specs, nor anywhere else, so probably not.