HP 14" AMD A9 Dual-Core 128GB Notebook

HP 14" AMD A9 Dual-Core 128GB Notebook

I downloaded HP manual. On pg 2, it seems to indicatesthat there are 2 models of this unit. One model has 1 slot (8GB max), the other 2 (16GB max). I couldn’t find any indication of how to distinguish between them. Anyone else know?

Hi there. This is the one-slot version.

What is the return policy for this unit?

Here’s our return policy:


I received my computer but I am missi g the 25 digit Microsoft activation code. I bought this for my son to take to college and so far it is unusable without the key. How can I retrieve this so that the computer is functional? I need this resolved quickly or I need a refund pronto do I an send him to school with a working laptop.

Hey there, sometimes the code is somewhere on the computer or on the underside of the battery. And if you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.