HP 14" Dual-Core Chromebooks w/Free 4G

Got this about a month ago

Love it!

Might get one more for my 12 year old

How much is the additional data once you hit your free 200MB?

I just snagged one. If I don’t like it I’ll give it away as a Christmas Gift.

Got one. The HP Chromebooks we have at work (school district) are pretty nice, and if nothing else I can flip it to developer mode and put some other OS on it.

Received mine last week. Do not get T- Mobile in my area, but I still love it. I don’t understand computers well but this one is the easiest to run ever.


I’ll answer my own question.

Whats the return policy? Are all WOOT DEALS “final” (no returns)??

Here’s a link to our Return Policy.

Just got ours today.

Looks brand new – got the 100gb from google as well as a t-mobile SIM and 200mb per month free.

so apparently if you have the international keyboard enabled, which is by default, the ~ and ’ keys need to be pushed twice to function. Turn off international keyboard and it’ll get rid of that “feature”.

All I can say is wow! I like it!

Garbage. Came out of the box with a malfunctioning keyboard - certain keys consistently output strings of letters instead of the key pressed. Buyer beware of “HP certified refurbs”. Unless you want to take something out of the box, have it not work on day 1, spend time on the phone w HP support so they can tell you that you can ship the laptop to them for repair and they’ll ship it back to you (2 week turnaround time). Bummer, as the deal was a good one when compared to a new purchase price. But, no credibility for HP on this one. Returning for refund.

You just got a bad one. Once they return it you’ll love it. I can say that I was completely skeptical of the ChromeBook but after using it this last week I’m completely sold…and happy!