HP 14" Full-HD 32GB Chromebook Bundle

HP 14" Full-HD 32GB Chromebook Bundle

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Finally you guys are providing useful info on these refurbs. TIA

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What is the difference between Condition : Factory Reconditioned and Refurbished ?

I would also like to know what is the difference between “factory recondition and refurbished”?

I bought one of these from Woot in November. It wouldn’t boot. I had to open it up, disconnect and reconnect the battery to get it to boot. Other than that, I would have no idea it was reconditioned. It looked brand new, except for a small smudge on the mouse.

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Factory reconditioned typically means the manufacturer (HP in this case) refurbished the device. Refurbished typically means a certified 3rd party refurbished the device. I think woot has a blurb somewhere on their site that explains this.

This is from a number of years ago but I think it’s still relevant.

  1. Factory Reconditioned/Reconditioned

Items such as computers, printers, cell phones, and industrial
equipment are often leased by companies in order to acquire the
machines they need at a lower cost. This is done by replacing
worn components, chassis, and testing the product fully.
Reconditioning has less to do with repair, than it does with
replacing parts that commonly need to be updated. This can be
done by two catagories of companies:

Factory Authorized - This is where either the factory

itself, or a certified outsource firm reconditions these
products by company standards for resale.
Reseller Recondition - This is where an items was been
purchased from the original company and reconditioned in-house,
but is not certified or trained by the original manufacturer.

  1. Factory Refurbished/Refurbished

Every year, over $100 Billion worth of products are returned to
big box retailers due to either blemish, or functionality
issues. This is common with items such as computers, laptops,
or other consumer electronics. This catagory of work has less
to do with replacing worn out parts, and more to do with
repairing a damaged items. These returned items are often sold
to outside companies who take on the responsibility to resell
them after repairing them. These company then refurbish the
items by finding the problem with the item and repairing it and
replacing worn parts. This can be done one of two ways:

Factory Authorized/Certified Refurbishment - Some companies

have technicians that are certified to repair of refurbish a
product by the original manufacturer. This is most commonly
found in the computer catagory. This means the item they sell
has been repaired or refurbished by someone with specific
knowledge of the product from the company itself.
In House Refurbishment - Some companies that resell
refurbished goods have technicians that can repair these items,
however are not certified. This means that while they may have
repaired the item, it also may mean that the technician does not
have specific training on that product line or brand. While
this does not mean that someone who is certified is a better
technician than the non-certified repairer, it does indicate the
level of training involved.

Anyone know if this can run Crostini (Linux Beta)?

Morning. We’ve been adding that in for well over 6 months on new sales. We just have a lot of repeat sales and it’s hard to get through those but they’ll drop off over time as they become outdated, no longer available, etc.

No HDMI port? I would have bought it just to stream my network videos on my TV…

Video is probably available via the USB 3.1 Type-C port.

Should be able to cast it.

Is this a good deal? Will I get my monies worth or should I stick with my iPad?

Depends…if you are familiar a Chromebooks and know their strengths and weaknesses, it’s a good deal.

An current, almost new 1080 Chromebook at this price is good.

UPS delivered the Chromebook today. Appears to be brand new factory sealed. Looks like it was unsold C0$tc0 stock.

Battery level is too low to turn on, charging it now for a hour before I try turning it on again; the charging light is solid amber, wait until it turns white.

Woot! Woot!

I got mine a few days ago, and the left side USB-C port is dead.

I went to HP’s support page to get a warranty repair since Woot stated it had a 90 day HP warranty, and it said that the unit was sold without a warranty. :rage:

A replacement port daughterboard is $20-$30, and shipping the unit back for a refund would cost me about that much.

Stuff like this is why I only buy refurbs with a factory warranty.