HP 14" Full-HD 32GB Chromebooks

HP 14" Full-HD 32GB Chromebooks

I was trying to figure out when the support for chrome OS is end of life.

When I use this link


and click on HP I don’t get my answer.

Good question.

Amazon page says it was released in January, so I am guessing it is part of the HP 14 G5 series or something or new enough not to be on the page.

Costco/Amazon have it on sale with a wireless mouse and case for $260

Checked and this model doesn’t support Android apps.

[MOD: VERY old article]

Wait a Chromebook that doesn’t support Android apps…what possible use is there for that???

That blog/article is dated 2016 when Google was just starting up their Google Play store. All recent Chromebooks can access the Google Play store and download apps.

Chromebook 14 Jun 2019
Chromebook 14 G3 Oct 2019
Chromebook 14 G4 Sep 2021
Chromebook 14 G5 Nov 2023
Chromebook 14A G5 Jun 2025
from https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/6220366?hl=en

If it is not G5 then the expiration is too soon for me. With a processor from 2016, it seems unlikely this is G5. My understanding is Google guarantees support for 5 years from when the machine is first available. 2021-5=2016. My best guess is this is a G4 but I would like to know for sure when the end of life is. And I realize that Google/HP may extend the end of life.

In my opinion, this end of life issue makes it sneaky to sell a new older chromebook without disclosing it. I am sure Google is aware of this situation. At least with a regular computer and old PC can get a newer operating system.

UPDATE: see my post below. It isn’t a G4. More likely at G5.

Anyone know if this has a plastic or metal body? (I’m one of the weirdos that prefers plastic, I don’t like the cold feel of metal.)

Hi there. It’s plastic. Your lappy will be comfy.

Following the thread, as I am ready to upgrade my kids Chromebook, it does look like it is a variant of the G5. The specs are the same and it fits the processor/display options listed here:

Even USB3, Bluetooth 4.2, wireless AC, etc… Makes it a more intriguing purchase.

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So after reading nathanhill’s post I looked at the specs for the G4 and they do not use the processor that this chromebook uses. So it is now more likely in my opinion that this may update like a g5.


Couldn’t tell from the specs which reference power delivery. Does this charge over USB-C?

Wow. This has been educational for me! I just bought a new battery for my beloved Toshiba Chromebook 2, and it looks like it will be a brick in 14 months! Bummer.

Seems like similar specs to this new Lenovo: https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/lenovo/lenovo-n-series/Lenovo-Chromebook-S330/p/81JW000CUS

I have an Acer aluminum chromebook bought last year at Costco and it is great for web surfing ad running apps, and the battery runs all day long