HP 14" Full-HD Intel Quad-Core Laptop

HP 14" Full-HD Intel Quad-Core Laptop


Is this touchscreen or not?

I’m not staff, but from looking at the specs, it does not appear to be a touchscreen.

I checked the HP site for this model # and it does not list it as touch screen, I wanted a ts and I was fixing to order it. If they keep saying this is a ts, I will order one!

For those computer geeks here is there a way to add more storage? I bought an hp the mini desktop the size of 5 pancakes and the update for the windows is bigger than the storage that I have built in.

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You can use a SD card for additional storage, but to full on replace the 64GB – no. It’s soldered in.

This is basically a nice Windows Chromebook. Screen specs are great, but the emmc storage means you have barely enough for Windows and all your data will be SD or usb. That’s fine when USB flash drives are huge these days, but that does constrict your ability to install applications. And being in S mode you can only install apps from the Microsoft store until you Google for the 30 second procedure to take it out. (Great for security for kids/employees).
Passmark score on the processor is 2459. I don’t deploy even used stuff to a non-profit under a 3500.
Soldered memory of only 4 gb is fine for average home user, but for heavy web app users or business, i’d probably stick an SD card in configured as disk paging file or use Readyboost feature.

Bottom line this is fine for a student or light web surfer and probably fine for a business user just using a small number of web apps. Not so great for heavy business or enthusiast home use, and NOT for college kids wanting to play all those games. With that great screen resolution I’d buy it without hesitation if I needed a couch surfer or a burner laptop to take to Europe or Asia.


Actually seems like a pretty decent cheap system. Omnicron32’s comments are helpful. The 64GB makes it “kind-of” usable. As some have mentioned, when the 32GB systems came out first, a lot of them couldn’t even run a Windows update. This led to many bad reviews and returns. It was largely a Microsoft problem with being inefficient with space, and later updates have worked much better. With 64GB you would not have any issues with Microsoft updates. However, your space is obviously limited for storing media files, games, etc. This would be a good system for web browsing, email, simple games.

Hi there. This is NOT a touchscreen. Not sure why the creative write-up mentions it. I’m asking for them to tweak the write-up.

This is the best amply supplied sub 200 dollar laptop deal Woot has had in a while. If I had a need for one, I’d definitely be tempted. Great second computer for web surfing and media consumption or for the elementary/junior high school kid. It would be nice if you could pop in another/swap memory sticks but as long as you don’t go crazy with tabs nor open three or four office applications you should be fine. Really nice processor for a sub 200 dollar FHD laptop. Windows S can be converted into full Windows home in about 20 seconds for free. Almost all of the sub 200 dollar computers available have some major drawback that will make you wish you spent the extra 100 - 200 for something better. There are no reservations on this one.

I mean, if you want to get a little crazy and spend more on storage than the laptop


This would make an awesome Chromebook… which happens to be what I’m in the market for right now. Does anyone have experience with the open-source Chromium version of ChromeOS… or with any of the 3rd-party versions… that can be put on a non-ChromeOS certified system?

You won’t find specs like this on any actual Chromebooks within $150 new (or near this price for a refurb).

Are there things you can do in ChromeOS you can’t do just in Chrome Browser?

For starters: Some Linux capabilities, as well as running Android apps.

Yes, as mentioned, there are a few… but… the biggest problem is that you can’t get the Chrome browser on Win10s… if you could, I’d (maybe) just stick with that. But… even at that, you’re still dealing with the “hassle” of Windows. I do this for a living (sysadmin)… I like to go home have my computer “just work” and not have to extend my workday for personal pursuits… so I prefer Chromebooks.

I don’t have much experience with Win10s - especially in comparison to “full” Win10 on identical hardware… so I’m also working off the assumption that there would be a loss of performance to switch out of “s-mode”. Can anyone speak to this?

Depending on what specifically you want to do you might consider just installing Linux on it. If you really want Android Apps then I recommend checking out PrimeOS. With 64GB of eMMC you could even run a dual boot with Linux and PrimeOS depending on your usage and storage needs.

[EDIT]My personal experience with switching from Windows S mode to full is that you don’t lose anything except on the lowest end systems.

You might also want to check clearance/returns at your local BestBuy. I’ve picked up a number of decent low end laptops for great prices that way.[EDIT]

Again… I do a lot of Linux at work too (mostly CentOS servers and a few Fedora workstations)… but I just don’t want that level of work in setup/maintenance/tinkering at home for my “main” computer (I do have other “hobby” systems at home that I use a variety of OS’s on - Win 7, Win 10, Fedora - some older SysV versions and some newer ones, even some MS-DOS 6.2)

I would consider this item to be low-end, if not “lowest end” as you put it… no? So… it sounds like my fears of performance issues by taking this one out of s-mode may be justified?

I am a tech of 20 years plus. Trust me you cannot increase storage short of a flash drive, SD card or external hard drive. However 64GB’s is plenty of room for WIndows 10 and every update they can throw at you plus plenty of software programs. Just get Onedrive or Dropbox and opt to keep all of the data online and only on your laptop as needed.

you cannot use normal software on here unless you upgrade to Pro or format and install your own copy of normal Windows 10. As is only software from Microsoft store, no Google Chrome, Firefox Quicken, etc. I could not even install a normal HP printer on one of these

Uh, it takes less than a minute to switch out of S mode.

(Tech for 30+ years and counting. Why do I still remember DOS commands?!? Argh!!!)

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Can you charge this laptop with USB-C port?