HP 14" Full-HD Intel Quad-Core Laptop

HP 14" Full-HD Intel Quad-Core Laptop

I purchased this laptop and it came with an invalid activation code.
Contacted CS and was told it was a warranty issue, to contact HP

HP says the warranty expired Sept 2, 2019
Not impressed that Woot is selling a product that does not have a valid key for Win10… even though the ad says it does.
So far CS has been of no help…
has anyone else encountered this issue?

Hi there. I’m sorry for the runaround. Register your computer first. That should reset the warranty. Regardless, HP should have been more helpful.

After you do that, contact HP again. If they’re no help, holler at me via private message and I’ll dig into it.

Once you register your HP product, you will receive either a 90-day warranty (Consumer/Gaming PCs and Notebooks) or a one-year warranty (Business Class PCs, Notebooks, and Printers).

To register your HP product, go to:


You may be asked to provide proof of purchase to reset warranty dates. In addition, you may be assigned a case number. Please write this number down in case you need it later.

In HP declines to reset the warranty after you provide proof of purchase, contact HP at 800-HP-INVENT for assistance. Make sure you get a case number from HP when talking to them.

If HP still doesn’t reset the warranty, please contact Woot customer service. You must provide the HP case number AND serial number for the product. Woot customer service will work with the vendor to escalate the issue with the HP Support team

Warranty Service: If your HP product needs service, please contact HP at https://support.hp.com/us-en/contact-hp or call HP at 800-HP-INVENT.

Got mine, it went to Hi There screen and asked for WiFi info. Now it keeps going in a loop for the “Hi There” screen. I’ve cycled through that and even connected to my network with an Ethernet cable… Nothing.

Ideas on how to get past this and actually use the laptop?

I’m sorry for the stuck laptop. Read my post above to register your computer and then get in contact with HP. If they’re unable to help you, get in touch with Woot Customer Service.

Woot CS sent me to HP…
HP got 60 bucks outtta me to extend warranty to 3 yrs…
they tried… and now they are sending me to Microsoft…
sounds like this ain’t gonna work out for me…

time to call in Foamy the Squirrel…

Argh. Let me check in with the computer team in the morning.

Can anyone tell me if this laptop can be charged by USB C?
Looked for info online but I don’t know for sure

I would presume no. HP’s support documents only cites data transfer; they’re usually explicit if it supported charging through the USB-C.

Oh boo. I know it’s a lot to ask for in a sub $200 laptop but it’s a very nice feature to have

Is the RAM soldered onto the motherboard, or would it be possible to upgrade this by replacing the 4 GB of RAM with an 8 GB RAM stick?

Crucial says 1 slot, removable. 8GB max.

Any word from “the computer team”
Microsoft essentially told me to pound sand and buy a license.

Ugh, sorry. Checking!