HP 14" Full-HD Intel Quad-Core Laptop

HP 14" Full-HD Intel Quad-Core Laptop

Windows 10 (S) mode is a version of Windows 10, That only allows apps from the Microsoft Store, and requires Microsoft Edge for safe browsing. Sounds like Apple without the sauce!

This would probably make a better Linux box.

If my 2 mins of google searching is to be believed, the RAM can be upgraded to 8gb by swapping the existing DIMM and apparently you can add an m.2 SSD and not use the eMMC storage (never ever use eMMC). As for Windows 10S, there is an option to turn off S mode and make it a normal install. Overall seems like a good laptop if you have parts or don’t mind investing a little on these upgrades.

Does it have a back lit keyboard?

Would this be ok for a 13 year old? Just for homework?

I think it would be good. With black friday coming up, you can probably get the ssd and ram upgrades for cheap if they complain about speed (storage speed would be the most noticeable to most users)

Windows 10 S lets you make a one way switch to the full version. Windows prompts you when you try to install apps outside of Microsoft store. Takes around 2 minutes

Yes, the keyboard is backlit and you can toggle the backlighting on and off

We don’t list the keyboard as backlit. You could get a nice surprise but don’t expect it.

UPDATE: Our vendor confirmed that it DOES HAVE A BACKLIT KEYBOARD! Buy ALL the laptops.

Usually a sub 250 dollar laptop is going to have some fatal flaw that will make you grumble that you bought it (such as 32 GB storage, inability to add ram, non FHD screen, dual core Celeron processor). Somehow this one doesn’t check any of the boxes. Nothing here that will make you sorry you bought it. Ignore the Windows S comment. A 20 second google search will show you how to convert it to full windows for free. Yea eMMC storage isn’t ideal but it is more than serviceable if you are using the computer as intended. That is a cheap travel laptop, a school computer for a teenager, a second laptop to check email, browse the web, consume media and perform basic document editing. eMMC storage only gets bad during the semiannual windows updates and when maxing out the memory and forcing the eMMC to be used a pagefile. If you do decide to add memory and a SSD you are going to get a computer that will fit the needs of 90% of the population for under 250 bucks. Every once in a while Woot does offer a really good deal that keeps me coming back.

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If I upgrade the eMMC storage to something like, 240gb, will I have to reload the OS or is that kept somewhere else? Upgrading RAM is easy but messing with the main drive always confuses me.

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I having the intel i5 processor, can I use that process in this loptop?

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I believe this is the same computer I purchased a few weeks ago. And according to the pictures this one has the same key as mine does for turning on the keyboard illumination. In general this computer is not a power house unit, but very capable for everything I’m using it for, once I took it out of s mode.

This is what I was thinking. Has anyone tried/failed/succeeded to run Linux on this laptop? I’d definitely be interested in one in that case.

This is exactly what I was wanting this for. Would be good to know if it’s feasible!

I bought this same laptop from Woot a couple weeks ago… I didn’t install “pure” Linux on it, but rather turned it in to a Chromebook (actually, a ChromiumBook if you want to get technical) by installing NeverWare’s free home version of CloudReady. It has been AWESOME… best sub-$700 Chromebook I’ve ever seen/used. I see no reason whatsoever that Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. wouldn’t run perfectly. Worst case it might be a little under-powered, but most of us that are willing to install/run a Linux distro are well aware of what capabilities to expect and what features to avoid in order to get good performance.

On CloudReady… the only things I’ve noticed (after a fair amount of testing and “real” use) are:
– it doesn’t seem capable of calculating the time left on the battery (although it does accurately display the percentage)
– there are occasional hiccups where a media file/video from online will not run… this is usually fixed by reloading the page - or, at worst, rebooting the computer. This is not frequent, and I suspect it is the result of using CloudReady and their proprietary video codecs… doubtful it is the result of the computer itself.
– there is a somewhat frequent glitch with the very top (single) row of pixels on the screen… I do not know if this is the result of using CloudReady… a glitch in the computer itself (it is a refurb afterall)… or something else. It’s not a big enough of a deal for me to return it/etc - but maybe before the warranty runs out I will restore it to Win10s and see if the problem exists there.

Win10s was a non-starter for me because you are stuck with Edge - there is no Chrome (or even Firefox) available. However, I did find on HP’s support site the ability to create restore media (just need a 32GB or larger flash drive or SD card - I used the SD card). I haven’t tested the restore media yet though - so no guarantees from me that it actually works. The computer is (easily) capable of booting from SD card or flash drive.

Unlocking the “full” Win10 is an option… although I’m skeptical of the performance you would see without doing the memory and/or storage upgrades that some commentors have mentioned. I might just go ahead and buy a 2nd one and give it a try (switching to Win10… and/or upgrading the hardware).

I have not yet opened up the laptop… it’s not really designed to be opened, so I didn’t want to risk it… particularly while it still has a (90 day) warranty - I greatly value the warranty since it’s a refurb.

I too was (very) pleasantly surprised by the backlit keyboard… it’s a feature I really like (for night use), but generally just don’t get because I like budget laptops - in particular Chromebooks - due to the interchangeability of them… if I lose/break one, oh well - move on to the next one (and I keep everything in the cloud).

I’ll check back later today if anyone has any questions I can answer about this laptop. In general, for my purposes, this is one of the better purchases I’ve made in a long time (perhaps since my first Chromebook I bought 4 years ago as a refurb from Woot… which has now been replaced by THIS laptop).


I concur. With an 8 GB RAM stick replacing the RAM it ships with, an m.2 SSD, and switched from Win 10S to a normal install, this could be a pretty decent laptop for browsing and watching videos (that FullHD display is a plus). The CPU isn’t very fast, but it should be capable enough for those tasks, just not for number-crunching or other processor-intensive applications. And it should be a very good Chrom(ium)Book or Linux laptop… maybe set it up to triple-boot? (for fun) :smiley:

Of course it depends on how good a job they do refurbishing it… that’s the only thing that’s keeping me from pulling the trigger on it right now.

EDIT: Hmmm… it says factory reconditioned. That makes me feel better…

Looks like this model doesn’t support an m.2: An HP forum says that’s only in the versions with an Intel Core processor.

This is a great deal, but for a little more ($299) which is a lot if all you need is a basic laptop like a chromebook…but if you want something a bit more powerful, the HP 14-DF0023CL, you can get a i3-8130U processor, 128GB SATA M2 SATA that can upgrade to a NVME drive and space for a second 2.5" HDD. That machine comes with 4GB that another 4GB SODIMM can be added or upgrade both to 16GB. I just purchased two added a 4GB SODIMM, 9260 Intel Wifi (REALTEK is junk), a 500GB WD Blue HDD and hopefully will make the two kids happy and have a bit of more power.

The windows S mode can be converted to 10 Home for free. This is a great deal if $200-250 is you max budget…if you can push a little more then my suggestion is a better fit.

Thanks to WOOT for doing this one though.