HP 14" Full-HD Intel Quad-Core Notebook

HP 14" Full-HD Intel Quad-Core Notebook

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Someone tell my tech challenged arse the difference between a chromebook, notebook and laptop.

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Building on the last post: thumbs up or thumbs down on this deal??

That same processor is in that new linux laptop. I’m guessing not stellar. Something like the celerons’s

I’d gather something similar to a chrome book but running windows (could it be window S)?

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64gb hard drive? Is there any room after Windows is installed? That seems tiny. I guess if everything you did was online/cloud, it might work.

64gb really is not enough room to do much of anything in Windows. Chromebook 64gb is good, not for Windows

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Chromebook runs only the Chrome browser and has roughly the same system as your phone. Laptop and notebook are basically terms for the same thing and refers to any portable computer. This here is a Windows laptop, but I would pass because 64gb of space is really not enough. Windows itself can take up to 40gb.

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Although if you are literally doing nothing else besides using the browser, 64gb is fine.

Uhmmm…I think my phone has more impressive specs than this paperweight/doorstop/rifle range target.

Anyone know if the hard drive and or ram are user upgradable? 64gb might be just enough for my use but obviously more would be better.

I think the RAM is, but the hard drive is not. The 64gb models are eMMC, so soldered to the board. The memory should be single stick 4gb I believe and can be bumped up to a single 8gb. I have a similar unit in 10 inch size.

:-1:. You’re better off putting the $200 towards a better laptop. This notebook is at best for browsing and light homework. Suitable if you’re on a really tight budget, or if it’s for an elderly member. Otherwise, save yourself the trouble and keep the cash.

Think of notebook/chrome book as the crew dragon from spacex

A laptop as the shuttle and

Desktop with peripherals as the space station


Depends on what you’re looking for. If you need a laptop that can take the place of a desktop and do everything you might ever need this isn’t for you. If you need a second or third computer so you’re 10 year old kid can use it for their virtual classes when/if they ever go back to school or something to travel with that is light and cheap enough that is it’s lost or broken it’s no big deal or if you want something to keep next to the sofa that lets you browse the internet, check email and do some very light work on an office suite this would be fine. I bought one very similar for my father in law to travel with when they go RVing and he’s extremely pleased with it.

Would this laptop run Minecraft decently in addition to the kids school stuff?

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Nice clean laptop with a fresh install of W10. Unfortunately the driver for the wifi adapter was not installed stopping the laptop setup. A few hours to track down the issue, find the driver on the HP site and install the update from a USB. Obviously, no quality control from the refurb company to verify software and driver loads.

Hope this saves others some time since the Setup stops when there is no wifi due to this issue.

HP site for drivers for this laptop: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-14-dq0000-laptop-pc-series/27336906/model/31128105

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