HP 14" Intel Dual-Core 128GB SSD Notebook

HP 14" Intel Dual-Core 128GB SSD Notebook

The key features under the ‘features’ tab shows 10th gen intel processor and 1080P screen which doesnt match the description or specs tab so it must be from a different listing.

You are correct. Features have been updated to match the specs.

Can this be expanded to 8 GB of RAM?

Very happy with my “factory rec” HP from a few weeks ago. A bit surprised it came with a third-party AC adapter. But the build quality is good and the sound is very good for something not too big!

Not absolutely positive. But here’s some information on the HP support forum on a slightly different model:

The Crucial website shows it is upgradeable to 16GB: https://www.crucial.com/compatible-upgrade-for/hp---compaq/hp-14-cf1061st

According to the HP guide for this unit, RAM is not customer accessible/upgradeable. Crucial may show that they have a matching module, but HP says a customer cannot do it. Bummer, since 4GB of RAM won’t support even some basic programs.

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Here’s how to upgrade the RAM:

Memory and Hard Drive Upgrade for HP 14-cf1061st