HP 14" Intel Dual-Core 64GB Win10 Notebooks

HP 14" Intel Dual-Core 64GB Win10 Notebooks

It lists that it has an RJ45 port but I can’t find it in the photos. Can anyone confirm it exists or there a mixup?

Online reviews and other retailers list no RJ-45 port. There are RJ-45 to USB dongles out there if a wired connection is necessary.

@ThunderThighs what are the odds of this arriving by May 29th? I already ordered one but I’d like to give this to my mom for her birthday. Buuuut if it’s going to take a while I’ll have to come up with plan b.

I also can’t believe this is the 22.

Run away from these… With the tiny 64GB drives, these don’t leave enough space to do large Windows Updates on. If you are “techie”, you can wipe and reload these each time an update comes up, but who REALLY wants to do something like that?

Save your cash and get something with a minimum of 128GB if you want to have one that will be useful for more than one year!

Also, check out the feedback on HSN when they sold these… ouch!


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The large semi annual updates of windows has gotten much better. If there isn’t enough room on the os drive it will guide you through setting up and using a usb thumbdrive, external hardrive, sd card etc. to store and run the update from. I have an old windows 10 tablet with an 32 GB os drive that is running the current 1909 build without any issues and updates just fine.


Hi there. The spec sheet says there’s one but we can’t find info to confirm this. We’re removing them from the specs.

Small Print: If you really needed that, reach out to CS.


We have a shipping holiday next week so I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Yeah. That’s what I thought too but thanks.

…but Microsoft sells it anyhow. :crazy_face:


Old joke: Outlook not so good…but Microsoft sells it anyhow.

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Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. snort

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Can the RAM be upgraded?

Having trouble finding info but at this price point, memory is usually soldered in.

Having trouble finding info but at this price point, memory is usually soldered in.

This is a customer answer from the mothership, so grain of salt and all that, but you’re probably right:

"Can you upgrade the RAM and the hard drive?

No to both questions. The RAM and the hard drive are soldered to the motherboard and cannot be upgraded."

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Thanks. I’ll pass.

UPS strikes (stabs) again. I already contacted CS.

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Part 2:

Pepper: Happy Birthday mom!
Pepper’s mom: I LOVE IT! How do I turn it on?
** the battery is dead**
Pepper: Well let’s plug it in.

Son of a Woot.

So I checked the one with the stab hole in it. Thankfully that one had the right power adapter.

This one is going through the “this might take several minutes” phase of activation.

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Oh no. I’m sorry. :frowning:

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How do I get rid of this? These laptops came with 0 paperwork or stickers.