HP 14" 16GB Chromebooks (2014 Model)

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HP 14" 16GB Chromebooks (2014 Model)
Price: $209.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I gotta say, I love my Chromebook! Nearly everything I need to do I can and the few things I can’t there is a work around. The only thing I miss is Skype and I have read that there is a work around for that. Try one out, you will not be disappointed.

Review over at CNET

I think this is perfect for my kids (they are using them in our school district now, so they are familiar) … except for MINECRAFT.

I’ve heard it can be done, but has anybody actually tried creating a partition and installing another OS in order to run Minecraft?


Today’s Computers.Woot Offer is the newer version of the previously offered Chromecast Chromebook

CNET Review:http://www.cnet.com/products/hp-chromebook-14-2014/


The Verge said the machine itself is pretty feature-packed but the display is disappointing. Other reviews on Amazon mention the same thing. I am really tempted to give this one a shot, but as someone who hates working on small displays, I’m not sure if my eyes will appreciate it very much.

Agree. Bought a Toshiba (refurbed woot) and love it. Already saved several days of time not waiting for boot up…

I loved my HP Chromebook so much i ended up getting a Chromebox, which has been stellar. Printing is a complete PITA unless you ditch the old network printer for a cloud printer and there are very few things that cannot be used in the cloud (Quicken and Skype), but with MS realizing that they were getting crushed by Google they have really stepped up One drive and the cloud based Office apps (all free…) are more than robust enough for 99% of the users out there. The move to the chromebox allowed for ram to be expanded to 8gb and that does make a difference… The 2gb here are sufficient but with the apps becoming more robust i would worry about obsoletion…one of the best parts of CB’S is (unlike a Windows machine which just bogs down 2 years in) their ability to remain snappy and perform for years… well 2gb will be the bottleneck on that for this machine. i wouldn’t fear the refurb as most if not all of these are returned by lazy consumers who were either unwilling or unable to alter their behavior to adopt to the chrome os… in other words the machines were fine the end users were just incompetent.

we purchased 2 refurb HP Chromebooks last year - an older model that came with SIM cards for use on a basic T-Mobile plan. they were for my mom and my wife’s mom - for what they do (basic surfing and email) the Chromebooks are exceptional devices.

I’ve also used them, and with the Google ecosystem, there’s apps for nearly everything I need to do. the biggest exception are PC games.

the refurbs were pretty much indistinguishable from new machines, aside from the packaging (brown cardboard box). there were no visible marks or damage on the two that we got.

I have no hesitation recommending these, if your usage falls within what Chrome OS is capable of (and that’s a lot).

In for one! Will use as a side kick laptop. The company I work for heavily integrates with google business apps, POS, etc. this seems like it would be a perfect fit.

I would totally buy another chromebook if the orange version was a choice. Im loving my older snow white version. I find it odd that the snow white color of the newer model uses a lot of black…

So for an old lady that watches videos and facebook this would be ok?

I am posting this on the older HP Chromebooks Woot has had previously and it has been great. I am a 30 year plus IT Professional and have given up my Windows laptop for this. I am amazed at how well it handles YouTube videos that would baug down my old laptop. The screen is just fine the 14in is way better than the 12in you see everwere. If you can do all you need in Chrome on a PC than you can do a Chromebook with out a problem. It’s nice to not burn my legs with my hot laptop anymore my Chromebook is always nice and cool. My only complaint is I wish they could put the speakers on to instead of the bottom, but is works great with my bluetooth earbuds from my phone.

yes - more than enough machine to handle that!

So the previous versions of the HP Chromebook 14 sold here in prior Woots were: Intel Celeron processor, 4gb RAM, and had T-mobile data

Today’s Woot, same price, has an NVIDIA processor, 2GB RAM, and no data. Is there a selling point of the newer Chromebook over the prior version that I am missing?

I guess there are a bunch more colors.

I really want to buy this but 2gb sounds awfully small for RAM. Has anyone used a chromebook with 2gb? Does it feel like a computer with 2gb ram?

I have been happy with the display. I have the snow white model I bought this past holiday season, and I love it. It’s not 1080p, I think it’s 768 (the specs here probably say it). But compared to the other Chromebooks minus the Pixel, it’s about the best you can find. The speakers are really good for such a cheap laptop, and can get quite loud without losing much depth in the audio.

Yes, yes, and yes.

When you match the app to the power of the computer, you get good results.

For example, an old 640K DOS PC running an appropriate DOS word processor will appear to run about as fast as a 4GB unit running Windows 8.1 and software made for it.

Problems arise when you try to run software (video editing, gaming, etc) or multiple apps at one time on a machine not designed to do it.

Chrome apps pretty much force you to remain within correct working parameters