HP 14" 16GB Chromebooks (2014 Model)

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HP 14" 16GB Chromebooks (2014 Model)
Price: $209.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I gotta say, I love my Chromebook! Nearly everything I need to do I can and the few things I can’t there is a work around. The only thing I miss is Skype and I have read that there is a work around for that. I am typing on my Chromebook right now. As I learn more and more about the world of Google, the more I like it.

Review over at CNET

Is this eligible for the free t mobile 4g for life?

[MOD: This one is Wi-Fi only]

While the pictures show a sim card slot (right side of laptop), the spec sheet doesn’t list it…

FWIW the 2013 model did come with a T mobile sim (which I am using to type this), but Woot clarified the lifetime T Mobile plan in the listing.

Like MichaelDola said, probably not. Take a look at the HP Stream 8 over at the Microsoft Store or Amazon though - it comes with 200MB of monthly T-Mobile usage for life.

Personally, I think this Chromebook runs more efficiently; but if you’re looking for free mobile broadband, the Stream 8 is on sale for $149 over at Amazon right now.

Here’s a list from T-Mobile of devices that qualify for the free 200MB:

You can use Skype messaging on outlook.com. At some point video and voice will be as a browser / chrome app.

I bought last year’s for my mother. Liked it so much, bought this model for myself. The nice thing about buying chromebooks rebox/refurb or used - they were probably not used much because the person couldn’t run iTunes, Windows or some game. Both the used and refurb ones I bought still had the free 1tb online storage.

Pretty amazing how little people pay attention to what they are buying. Get the right tool for the job.

Why won’t iTunes or windows work on it? Thought about buying it for my 19 year old daughter in college

Instead of trying to format this for Windows, consider the HP steam 13 at Walmart or the Microsoft Store. Twice the hard drive and comes with Windows 8 for $229 new.

I’m aware that 3G/4G mobile data is not a part of this deal, but that little slot on the right side of the Chromebook (next to the 2 USB 2.0 ports) looks a lot like a SIM slot (the microSD slot is clearly on the opposite side, next to the HDMI and USB 3.0 ports). Does anyone know if this will work with an existing SIM?

Chromebooks use their own operating system, ChromeOS, as opposed to Windows. Thus, Windows programs do not run on a Chromebook.

Like a previous poster said, try looking at an HP Stream 11 or 13. They have similar hardware as an HP Chromebook 14 and cost about the same ($199 for the 11, $249 for the 13) but come with a full version of Windows.

Know what you are getting.

Chromebooks will run anything that you can run in the Chrome browser on a Windows or Apple machine. In addition, they can run a handful of Android apps and a few custom ChromeOS-specific apps. They will not run Skype, iTunes, Photoshop* or Minecraft. There are workarounds for some of these if you don’t mind tinkering, but they do not run natively.

That being said, I adore my HP Chromebook 14 (2013 model). It boots in 2 seconds, the battery lasts a long time, and ChromeOS is streamlined so everything loads quickly. It readily streams from Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu and Pandora with no issues at all. If you are entrenched in Google’s ecosystem, it is the perfect machine.

*: There is a beta program right now for a cloud-based version of Photoshop, but it is limited to Google for Education users who also have Adobe Creative Cloud licenses. The beta program is ending soon and a public rollout may happen in the future, but there is no confirmation of that.

Some other notes:

Some of these will qualify for Google’s Chromebook freebies (like 100GB of Drive space for 2 years), and some won’t. It all depends on whether or not the previous owner claimed them first. And there’s no way to tell in advance, so don’t count on being able to.

To print, you need to use Google Cloud Print. It can be set up with most newer (last 5 years) networked printers, or can be set up to print to any printer using another computer as a proxy.

Can connect to VPNs that use the IPSec protocol. There are several RDP apps available in the Chrome store for free if you need to remote into a machine on another network.

If you need to remote into your own machine from another location, you can also just use Chrome Remote Desktop, which works fine.

The white Chromebook looks really nice, but the outside is a smudge magnet.

One nice aspect of Chromebooks that doesn’t get heralded enough is that it’s really easy to lend it to someone else without fear of them mucking up the machine. All accounts are self-contained, and once a user logs out you can remove all traces that they were ever logged in with just one click, right from the login screen.

If something does manage to gunk up the machine, you can easily run a Powerwash, which sets everything back to factory settings.

2GB of RAM should be fine for most users. With Chromebooks, the performance bottleneck has historically been with the processors rather than the memory. The Tegra chip in this model is more than capable of handling a reasonable workload and of smoothly streaming HD video.

The RAM and SSD are not user-replaceable. They are built into the board. You can expand storage using the microSD slot or a USB drive.

Thank you.

I bought one a while back when Woot! had them and I love it. Mine came with free life time Wifi, does this one?

[MOD: I think you mean cellular. This one is Wi-Fi only]

I don’t know, the fact that it isn’t listed in the spec may well mean it isn’t active in the machine. In other words the port may be there but it may not work.


tldr summary: Chromebooks rock. The HP ones are great. But wait for the 4gb model.

If you are the type of person, such as myself, who opens a ton of windows, I might recomend holding off till the 4gb models show up again. There are on here fairly often.

I have one and since I bought it I have totally stopped using either my tablet or my laptop. I love it. I’m also completely bought into the google lifestyle though. I did so by choice. I dropped dropbox and itunes as well as skype. I now use google drive, google music and google hangouts. They are all free and fully intergrated with everything. I have chrome on my PC at work, on my phone and of course on my chromebook!

As to the free 3/4G? It’s nice but I only get 200mb free a month. Did you guys get a better deal that I don’t know about. That gets me a nice emergency access cushion but little more then that.

I highly recommend these HP boxes. Heck I did some work at Google recently and they were using the same ones over there. I even went so far as to get an HP Chromebox and a web cam and turned my TV into a mega conference call center. The kids love chatting with the grandparents now. It’s like they are there in the room with us.