HP 14" 16GB Chromebooks (2014 Model)

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HP 14" 16GB Chromebooks (2014 Model)
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I can honestly sing the praises about Chromebooks all day. They are light, boot quickly, and do just about everything I would ever need. I use Office 365 and Skype for Web (Beta) so there is very little reason for me to have a traditional laptop. The screens are not the best, but what do you expect for the price. One selling point for me is the fact that all users have to do is sign in with their gmail account and all of their stuff is there. It is a fantastic device.

Additional info from Notebook Check

I bought one of these from Woot at the end of January and at first I liked it quite a bit. It receives updates fairly regularly (avg 1 a week), but it seems like after about 3 months, it’s slowed down to a crawl and has never recovered. It takes longer to load a webpage completely than it does to boot up, and I can no longer listen to anything with audio as it’s garbled and static. I’ve power washed it numerous times, but it doesn’t make a noticeable difference. This is the first Chromebook I’ve had other than the very first ones Google released years back and I was lucky to be one of the people who received the beta. I love the concept, but hesitate to buy another one after my experience with this one.

I’ve got 2 of these one with the free 4g and a regular wifi one. Both are great. They are my go to device when I need a quick search or recipes in the kitchen. Great battery life. I find it best left around the kitchen and tv for just browsing but if your serious enough your could use it for everything. For me it would be hard to replace my quad screen desktop with any notebook style device for serious work.

Unless you’ve got a defective piece of hardware - possible, but slowing down isn’t really a typical indicator so much as “stopping completely” would be - the issue is likely with your account. A powerwash returns the Chromebook to its clean state, but when you log in, all of your Chrome extensions, etc., are loaded in, based on what you’ve set up in Chrome on your user account. Your current Chromebook, a future one, your neighbors - my guess is they’d all seem slow and sluggish if you logged in. Try using a new account - if the Chromebook is suddenly faster, it’s your extensions.

It also could be a matter of how many tabs you’ve got open - 2GB of RAM (like this one - some have 4GB) won’t support a ton of them (5-6? depends on the content).

Finally, one other culprit could be the WiFi connection. If your Chromebook is latching onto the wrong signal, or if there is a hardware issue with the WiFI component/antenna, then that would also slow it down.

But, if you don’t add too many extensions, open too many tabs, get on slow WiFi, or have a hardware defect, the Chromebook won’t ever slow down. Nothing “accumulates” on it.

Actually… if you fill up the drive - which is tough to do, since you tend to never/rarely download onto Chromebooks, I suppose a very full drive would slow it down - but a powerwash would eliminate that issue.

Question - Can I transfer the 4G card from a previous version of this Chromebook to this one? The main reason is to get the matte vs. glossy screen of the previous version.

You can do Skype with this? How does that work?

It has a camera and a microphone…and Skype is available in the Google Play store. Not sure I follow the question.

Have you made a Skype video call in Google Chrome? I thought you could not do that. Has that changed?

Like another has said, it could be your extensions/many open tabs/etc.

Perhaps try opening an incognito window with all extensions disabled (with the exception of AdBlocker) and see if that helps define the culprit.

Writing this from a 2013 HP14 Chromebook and have encountered no slowdown whatsoever.

I bought the 4G ram 32G rom version and am very happy. I’ve loaded crouton (linux in Chrome) and use this as my portable. This version is 2G ram and 16G rom. For web browsing, this should be fine, but I’d never run crouton on it. Too little RAM and too little ROM.

No - this model doesn’t come with a SIM slot (assuming you meant 4G as in cellular), and I think the RAM is soldered in (just in case you meant “4GB card”).

Skype for web is in Beta, but I tried it last week and it worked perfectly.

Check it out here

I tried this but it says I can’t make audio or video calls on this OS. Have you been able to make video calls on the web Beta?

…from a Chromebook?

what’s the model number? I want to know if this cover will fit http://www.amazon.com/Chromebook-14-Q010NR-14-Q020NR-14-Q029WM-compatible/dp/B00HD18NGW/ref=pd_sim_147_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=1AXWEEZKJZNSGRB4WYE5

I got mine and the half of the key board does not work. I can not find a address or phone number to get any assistance. can anyone help

If you’re experiencing issues with your purchase, it should still carry a 90 Day HP Warranty

You may also email into support@woot.com and they should be able to help answer any questions or concerns you have with your order.