HP 14" 16GB Chromebooks (2014 Model)

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HP 14" 16GB Chromebooks (2014 Model)
Price: $159.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Oct 02 to Wednesday, Oct 07) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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LOLZ… In the write-up, you say that the screen is a 4"-er… " Is it the 4" HD Anti-Glare LED-backlit display capability?

[MOD EDIT: Typo fixed. Thanks :wink:]

I am on my Chromebook right now! Besides all of the things I have raved about in the past, I love how it is unlikely that you will ever get a virus on this thing. I cannot say the same thing on my laptop, I am currently working on getting a virus off of it. My Chromebook is so versatile, I bring it with me to work, and it does everything I need.

I bought this last time Woot had it available. For a Chromebook, it’s very good. The only real complaint I have is that the screen is merely OK – not very sharp, and the viewing angles are bad – but that’s the way it is with these budget Chromebooks. It’s not really any different than the other 2014 Chromebooks in functionality and performance – nothing particularly special about this model, I chose this Chromebook because of the size of the screen and keyboard.

In summary, it works just as I expected it to, and for what I paid, it was a good deal. It was refurb, but it looked new to me.

There are plenty of REAL laptops available refurb’d. for $150.

Looks like a laptop, costs as much as a laptop, but it’s useless. Pass.

Touch screen?

I’m a little out of it with computer shopping…but how much would you pay to take a flyer on a chromebook like this? Or what laptops that are decent cost this much? Seemed cheap to me so I was thinking of taking a flyer on it, but just wondering if you could help me calibrate. Thanks!

Chromebooks are great. I have several computers and use my Chromebook for most of my daily stuff. With Google Drive (or other online applications) there will be very few things you cannot do. You need to understand the Chromebook abilities and not compare it to a laptop.

I have 3 of these. I bought them all from Woot!. One is kept at our bakery (we run our entire business on the Google platform), one that I keep with me wherever I go, and one for my 10 year old at home. They’re fast, no crashes & no viruses. Highly recommend.

im looking for some REAL laptops under $150 and larger than 14" [edit: looked elsewhere, maybe for 5 year old refurbs around same price]

I have the 2013 version and can’t say enough good things about it, but here’s just a few: incredibly fast, ease of use, nice size for a travel laptop, quality build, and it pretty much covers all of my computing needs. In the past my biggest complaint was that Citrix wouldn’t work, that was resolved in July. Now the only thing I can’t use it for is iTunes. Kept the old PC for that.

Does this have a touch screen?

Did this just go up in price?

Chromebooks are great, but I would skip on this. Look for an Intel processor (Celerons are fine) and 4GB RAM. If you take your time and shop you can find great deals. I got a 13.3 inch Toshiba Chromebook 2 1920x1080 Celeron N2840 16GB storage/4GB RAM for like $200 off of eBay refurbed. The Celeron and 4GB of RAM allow you to run Ubuntu in a chroot environment and switch back and forth between Chrome on the fly. You can run a chroot Ubuntu using ARM processors also, it’s just not as fluid and you can’t play games like Minecraft as well (for my son). Even though the N2840 is about a year old now, it’s still a good combination of performance, value and energy efficiency. The thing unique about Chromebooks is that many of the models can do 6-9 hours of actual working on a charge. The combination of a resource-light OS and efficient processor allow this this happen at a relatively inexpensive cost. I love my windows, don’t get me wrong, but the chromebook is a good light alternative that will cover about 80%-90% of my needs, and it’s less maintenance hassle than windows (don’t need antivirus, updates are pretty unobtrusive, don’t need to scan for malware every so often). I definitely don’t think this is meant to replace Windows, but it’s real nice to have. It’s kind of like living in the Midwest and owning a luxury full-size SUV (Windows) and a small sporty economy car (Chromebook)- making quick trips, going to work, dodging in and out of traffic is a lot easier and economical with the sporty economy car…but the long hauls, the brutal winter driving, and the need for more interior room for passengers or gear is better handled by the large SUV.

This comment is just absurd. Do you even Google bro?

My guess is that they can get rid of 32GB refurbs at a higher price to a single entity…We have seen nothing but 16GB units for the better part of a year…I like the bigger size unit because that extra space is very useful to the computer geek…These are very good for the “student” or “surfer” or “travel user”…

After all …Who cares if you break a “under $200 unit”…it is totally another thing if you drop your MacBook Air…

It’s $10 less than last go around. I bought one and a couple of weeks later had to return mine due to multiple characters on the keyboard would not work. I could not even log on due to characters issues. Powerwashing it remedied the situation initially then it became chronic. Did some research and found out HP’s service is much to be desired. Returned mine back to woot and purchased a Toshiba instead with it’s awesome screen 1080p HD. Worth every penny this Toshiba. That would be my recommendation, much better screen and fully functioning than the HP 14. Just my .02.

No touchscreen. Not many Chromebooks have touchscreens. The Chrome OS and apps are just beginning to become touchscreen optimized. I don’t think you’ll miss it because this is a laptop configuration vs a tablet. Touch is nice on a laptop, but I rarely use that feature on my laptops.