HP 14" 16GB Chromebooks (2014 Model)

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HP 14" 16GB Chromebooks (2014 Model)
Price: $159.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

Bought one of these about a year ago. Great laptop for web surfing, etc. Instant on - no waiting for the thing to boot up, just open the lid and within seconds you are auto-logged in to your WiFi and ready to go. Chrome is a great operating system - quick and easy to navigate. It’s only issue would be for those who wish to “install” programs. Chrome uses “apps” instead. This lightweight Chromebook gets 5 stars in my book!

I’ve never done this. I’ve noticed that apps seem to cost a lot less than normal software on my desktop. Are there apps that communicate with and produce the usual Microsoft Office software? Is it a viable streaming device? I watch a lot of YouTube tutorials for various skills.

Been thinking about picking up a Chromebook for my daughter for Christmas (we have another Chromebook my wife uses, so we’re all well aware of the tradeoffs between a Chromebook and a regular laptop). Since these are refurbs, can anyone who purchased one of these from a previous woot that were also HP factory refurbs comment on what physical condition they were in (any scratches, dings, etc)? For example, are they like a refurb you get from Apple that are reconditioned to look the same as brand new or do they look used? Also, with the Nvidia Tegra processor, how do these handle video streaming from Netflix and YouTube? Thanks!

Resolution: 1366 x 768

What don’t you get, Woot?

Microsoft does have apps that correspond to their various Office products – free, with a subscription (which I think is also free). The only one I’ve used extensively is Word, and for my purposes it was the same as the full Windows version. But I’m not a power-user, so I can’t comment on how the Chromebook versions might be lacking. Excel works fine as well, though in truth I’ve only needed it once or twice.

Not sure if the MS apps are that much better than Google Docs, but I do like the finding the familiar MS Office environment on my Chromebook.

Thanks! It’s tough to get user comments on stuff that isn’t the latest and greatest. Computer stuff seems to go red hot, then die - in the space of a few weeks. There’s always something new and dazzling. For two weeks. :smiley:

Can a Chromebook be used to run Spotify?


Yes. And Netflix and Hulu and YouTube. But not Amazon Prime.

I bought one over a year ago (slightly different specs) and another last month (same as the current offering).

It’s great for certain thing, not for others. For streaming video, Youtube, Netflix and other websites, its fine. We attach it to the TV via HDMI cable when we need to see something that we can’t get to with the smart TV.

The kids use if for their schoolwork; the school requires them to have a Gmail account and use Google docs and share them when they have group assignments or share to submit the assignment.

If you’ve been using MS Office for years, it’ll take some adjustment.

It definitely is geared to life on the web. Not much for storage. Playing mp3s or mp4s from an external HD only works if the codecs used are compatible with Youtube (many of mine aren’t).

I also don’t like doing a jpeg slide show via HDMI on the TV for the family of our digital photo collection, because the photo view/preview software is too basic (no zoom/crop etc.).

Lastly, if you’re resigned to the lack of privacy in the world of smart phone apps and android, then you’ll have no problem with the fact that you get automatically logged into Gmail when you log into the Chromebook, and your settings, history, cookies, etc. from your other Google access (computers and smartphones) is right there with you. It’s a bit disconcerting to see a targeted ad based on a search I did on another computer.

How does this compare to the Toshiba Chromebook from a few weeks ago?

If you’re curious about a Chromebook this will help…
I have owned several models starting with the beginning of Chrome.
To understand a Chromebook do the following;
1- use google chrome as your browser for email, web, everything you can possibly do with a browser. That takes care of 95% of what it will be like.
As for MS Office, you can do everything (almost) Microsoft offers by using Office365 on the web. You can even try it for free - https://www.office.com/
But why bother? Start using the Google apps and for storage use Google drive. No Skype, boo hoo, use Google Hangouts, it is simply fantastic, you can transfer a video call between chormebook and phone while in progress, easy.
Plenty of schools, teachers and students, have gone to these exclusively and they get the job done wonderfully. LONG battery life, silly stupid fast on and off times. And you’re not making a big investment. You already live most of your life within a browser, don’t be afraid.

I bought one of these (with cellular) about a year ago. No issues. Good performer. A little big to lug around (IMO) but good for in house use.

I own both. The Toshiba has a fantastic display, has a smaller footprint, more RAM and is considerably lighter. That said, the HP is absolutely fine for in-house uses.

Is this the touch screen model?

It’s more like “What didn’t they make…”

No touch screen.