HP 14" Core i5 EliteBook

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HP 14" Core i5 EliteBook
Price: $279.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Here is a speed comparison for the processor in this machine-

Not too shabby for the price.

As one who despises Win 8.1 for laptops and desktops, I welcome Win 7 Pro as a powerful plus.

On the other hand, absent are bluetooth, a selfie-cam, and USB 3. Of course, with dongles…

I do not see the 250 HD as a limitation, given the available card solution.

If I did not own 4 laptops now, the price would be enticing enough.

Also, remember these Elitebooks are not the same as your run of the mill HP laptops you’ll find at Best Buy. I have one for work and the thing is built really well. It’s not your normal flimsy plastic chassis like most store bought laptops these days.

I’m an IT guy at a decent sized company so I will chime in on these:

We deployed these at work two years ago and paid a gosh darn heck of a heap more than this!

So far out of a dozen of this exact model that we deployed, only one had an issue. It was left plugged in at a docking station barely used for a few months and then would start shutting off randomly. Apparently the fan died and it would shut down. We sent it off for HP warranty repair and when it came back, it was as good as new. About a few months later the keyboard starting glitching and you have to type a bit more forcefully. That is the only laptop out of a dozen with any hardware issues.

Our users are hard on chargers and third party replacement ones are out there for cheap. Same on batteries.

I’m actually in the market for a new laptop but the lack of bluetooth, webcam, and USB 3.0 have me hesitating.
Also I’m not a real big fan of HP after a bad experience with customer support over an all-in-printer a few years back. The printer was only 3 months young and useless. Are bluetooth and USB 3.0 deal breakers?

Is there room for a second HDD? I’m in the market for a new(er) laptop as my current one is 6-7 years old. I mostly use it for running some fruit named software and needs a lot of space for all the media I currently have.

How does it not have a webcam? What laptop doesn’t come with a webcam standard? You can even see a webcam in the picture they show. It such an inexpensive technology nowadays that every laptop, netbook, chromebook, tablet and phone have one…except this one. Very odd.

Though, like previous a comment, my company deployed these two years ago and they are solid (albeit heavy) machines. Those ours all have webcams.

No room for a second hard drive.

That’s not a camera, that is a flashlight to shine a light on the keyboard in low light situations.

The elitebook is not a “consumer grade” machine, it is more of a business grade machine. Don’t expect it to be a powerful gaming machine.

What you do get is a dourable rugged workhorse that is good for business purposes. As a developer it was a proficient platform for normal day to day business and some development purposes. You’ll want more RAM, and maybe replace the SATA with a SSD.

I’ve carried one of these for nearly 4 years, they are TOUGH!

No HDMI Port?

[MOD: It has a Display Port]

I have one of this for Work, this is what It has
MAX MEMORY: 8GB (2 Modules)
Video Output:
USB 2.0 on all it’s USB Ports
4 Line Firewire
ExpressCard (54?)
Docking Station Port (New Dockings have USB 3.0 and they do work!)
Mine does have Bluetooth!
Mine does have WWAN (Works with ATT, Verizon and Sprint, Sim Unlocked)

Issues: None so far (had this PC for 4 years now)

Max Out your RAM on this PC
Replace HDD for SSD (250GB+) (I use a Kingston SSD)
Install Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 64 bits (It does support it, but must install Win7 Drivers manually and with tricks, specially DisplayPort/HDMI Audio Drivers)
As Any Computer Battery, those will run out after warranty (1 year)… I’ve excercised good care, With Windows 8.1 and care I still can get more than 1 hour (again, I’m running SSD+2nd HDD and lowest Brightness)
2nd HDD can be done by Removing DVD and adding the 2nd HDD with a Caddy.

Reliable PC, If you can get it, get the Docking Station and you’ll have an Almost-Workstation Like PC to work all day long without dying.

Connect it to a TV, you can get a Displayport --> HDMI Cable and it will pass over Video and audio with no problems!

Connected to a Docking, can manage 2 DP monitors with no problems

Storage options are good in this PC.
It contains
Main HDD/SSD Compartment
Remove DVD and Add a 2nd HDD to with a Caddy!
Add a 3rd Drive with eSATA
with the Docking, Add a 4th Drive on the HDD Port (with Caddy, or move your DVD drive there!)
with the Docking, Add a 5th Drive with eSATA!

Anything else, well, I can’t complain, the problem is that my company won’t change my PC until this one dies, and it seems like it’s going to pass some good time until that happens!

[MOD: Keep in mind that configurations can be different even in the same model line. Pls check our specs for this laptop. ]

It does have self cam. Look closely at top bezel above the screen. There are 2 squares, right side is the light to shine on to the keyboard. Left one is the webcam.

Never used the webcam, so I can’t comment on the quality. I have the i7 version of this laptop and it does have bluetooth.

Workhorse of the machine, but battery lasts about 1 hour, 2.5hr with extended battery. The extended battery will cost you a lot of $$$.

[MOD: Per our specs, there is no webcam.]

Yes, there’s room for a 2nd HDD (if you trade your DVD-Drive for the 2nd HDD with a Caddy…
Also you have eSATA port available)

I use a newer elitebook 8460p at work. But the 14" I have is 1600x900 resolution, and a newer I5. Today’s is fairly priced. It’s well built heavy hardware, and if you need/do lots of typing its got a good solid keyboard. Short battery life. I can’t type for nothing, so a quality keyboard isn’t nearly as important to me as it is to someone who can actually type well.

Would this be powerful enough to learn adobe creative suites (Photoshop, Illustrator) and Dreamweaver and programs of that ilk on? The i5 has me assuming it would be a better option for me than a 700 new laptop with an i5. Wondering if the other specks are up to snuff for someone that doesn’t speak fluent computer.

If you look at the specs, it says Webcam: None. So I doubt this one will come with one.

I own this model and it does have a webcam just as previously explained. I think the “none” is an oversight by woot-