HP 14" Dual-Core 16GB SSD Chromebook

I too love my Chromebook. It’s positives far outweigh the negatives, but my only real complaint is that printing is a far more involved process than just finding it on your existing network.

I bought from WOOT
PC was HP factory refurbished
Repaired it myself
45+ years EE experience at TI
I think the keyboard problem is most likely the reasons for refurbishing

Thanks for the info. How did you repair the key? (Just in case!)

Nice unit except for fan noise… very fast in bootup.

Hi there Woot Community! I have four Chromebooks (Samsung1, Acer C720 4GB, Samsung2, and the Lenovo Yoga), so I thought this would be great for my Mom. Two things are puzzling me (I just opened it up today for her):

  1. The Trackpad does not work. At all. I’ve Powerwashed it, reset it, etc. No response. I don’t even see a cursor.

  2. When I go to Settings from the hotdog bar, I can’t see the “Extensions” (on all my other Chromebooks, I have a menu from the Settings screen on the left hand side that says, “Extensions”, “Settings”, and “About”. I can access the extensions by going to “chrome://extensions”, but I’d like to understand what is going on here.

Any insight would be great!. Thanks!