HP 14" Intel Core i5 EliteBook Laptop

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HP 14" Intel Core i5 EliteBook Laptop
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CPU Benchmark

Check out this solid review over at laptopmag.com and check out these good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) over at the product page

This thing is maybe 5 years old. It is 3 generations back of the current version Core i5-4xxx, aka Haswell (1 gen back is Core i5-3xxx, Ivy Bridge, then Core i5-2xxx, Sandy Bridge, then this one, Core i5-5xx.

Comparable CPUs with benchmark numbers

Intel Core i5-520M, 2359
Dell Latitutde E6410
Lenovo ThinkPad T410

AMD A4-5000, 1914
AMD A6-5350M, 2018
Intel Pentium 2030M, 2067
Intel Pentium J2900 Bay Trail, 2166
Intel Pentium 2020M, 2297
Intel Core i5-520M, 2417
Intel Core i3-3227U Ivy Bridge, 2523
Intel Core i7-Q720, 3067

You can get almost equivalent performance from one of the current gen Bay Trail Pentium dual cores (J2900), or a Core i3-3227U Sandy Bridge (2523). both types of laptops will likely have a 1 year warranty, be new or factory refurbished.

Has anyone put a Linux distro on one of these?

Most current review was from Oct 2011 - I wouldn’t use any of these as support to make a buying decision other than the date of posting to determine the age of the tech. There are many negative ratings though which is scary.

Dug a little deeper for those who many not be familiar with PassMark - PassMark

“In 99.9% of uses, this doesn’t: make you Elite. That’s only for the 0.01%.”

Does anyone else wonder what happens to the other 0.09%? Probably sucked into a math vortex, poor souls.

I have Xubuntu on one and it flies! I haven’t gotten it to un-suspend when you open the lid yet, but I believe someone has figured it out, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Good point, however, people get too wrapped up with the processor they forget the rest of the PC is crap. I like a balance. I might have the fastest car on the street but if the tires are flat, the body is rusting and the doors are broke, it doesn’t do me much good. This thing might have a so/so CPU but the rest is pretty heavy duty and can hold up under a college students abuse. Just saying.

5 out of 4 people have a problem with math

Got the laptop today. Mine came with a Core i7 (m620) and a 1600x900 screen. Makes an OK deal even better.

does this laptop come with a power cord?

Talked my mom into getting one of these and kind of regretting it now.
the packaging was horrible, just thrown into a box…

I am EXTREMELY unhappy with my purchase. The first one worked for only 30 seconds before the screen broke. The second one didn’t even give me those 30 seconds. Now I want my money back and I keep getting bounced around from company to company. This one has the laptop, the one has the money, yadda yadda…just give me my money and I might think about buying from Woot another time!! So far this is the only time I’ve had trouble, but this is TROUBLE. I’m very upset.

The first one did. The second one didn’t. Doesn’t matter either way - neither of them worked.

I’m sorry for the problems. I’ll put you on my afternoon report so they can look into it.

Thanks. The matter has been resolved, and very quickly! I’ll be sending it back and getting a refund. Thank you, Woot.