HP 14" Intel Core i5 EliteBook Laptop

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HP 14" Intel Core i5 EliteBook Laptop
Price: $249.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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OK reviews (3 out of 5 eggs) over at newegg.com and check out this thorough review

HP EliteBook 8440p Product Support

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Pass. No HDMI.

That would’ve been least of your problems with this machine.

It has DisplayPort. You can get a DisplayPort to HDMI cable or adapter for ~$12 (quick check on Amazon) or $7 + shipping (Monoprice).

Not a bad workhorse laptop. This is found in many businesses and the military as your standard-issue work laptop, so anything from full-fledged MS Office use, viewing large video files via VNC, web surfing, etc will be a breeze. I ended up getting one for personal use, and the only real problem I’ve found is the bottom can get a bit warm, so using it as a "lap"top might not be comfortable.

If you need a laptop for <$300, and depending on what you need it to do, it is a bit more versatile and more physically sturdy than something you can find at WalMart new, especially with the integrated smartcard reader.

Regarding the HDMI out comment someone else made, that is correct, but it does have DisplayPort, which outputs high res video but not audio.

Overall, for the price, not a bad deal. You could do worse, could do better.

We were issued elitebooks to replace the thinkpads we had been using. Frankly I am not a fan of the HPs at all. Keyboard is inferior, low res screen and I have already dented (!!!) the case. I have never ever dented a case before in the 12 years I’ve been schlepping a laptop. And in 2014 there is no reason to be putting a 1366X768 screen on a business class laptop, none. I miss the thinkpad.

I got one of the i7 models from the recent sale. I would not recommend. These machines appear to be off lease corporate laptops. Mine is in real bad shape.

Display Port does support audio out over that connection. Unfortunately, it is usually an extra step to turn it on. (hidden in control panel options and usually only available when you have a device plugged into it that supports audio.)

I received my laptop yesterday. First out of the box I noticed a dent on the top. OK…SO it is used…keep going….Pulled it out and one of the little rubber feet fell off……OK….remember it is used……SO once I get it up and running I start to load my software I use for work……Forever….very slow….So I start poking around in the parameters and start to notice that the drivers for HP are not loaded. All the drivers are standard Microsoft….All the way down to the video driver….SO I go to HP and try to figure out which drivers are missing……Then decided this is not what I signed up for….A refurbished doesn’t mean it will not have the correct software and drivers loaded into the computer……. Very Disappointed….

It’s not typically difficult at all. I have a ThinkPad w530 and it has a display port. I have it connected to tv weekly and watch netflix and hulu without any issue.

I bought one in a month or two ago. It wasn’t a bad machine, but the hard drive failed (as in ceased to be detected) and gave me the blue screen of death a few days ago. At least it was within the stated 90 days…Still waiting on Woot to respond to my warranty inquiry. If I had it to do all over again, I’d have probably just bought new from Amazon or another site.

CPU Benchmark

These Elitebooks are very similar to the HP’s my office used until we recently upgraded to the HP ProBook 640. For everyday office productivity tasks, they are more than adequate. However, realize that you are getting hardware that dates to early 2010; it won’t have all the latest bells and whistles, but can easily handle most everything except high-end gaming.

While generally more durable than their consumer-grade cousins, they are prone to dings and dents, particularly on the lids around the corners. One of our VP’s dropped his Elitebook on its corner, and while it bent pretty badly, he’s still using it and has no issues with it.

Since these seem to be refurbished after coming off corporate lease, realize that these have likely been “well-used,” to put it delicately. That said, at this price, it’s a better machine than what you could buy off the shelf new.

[EDIT]: Forgot to add that you can get the HP NZ223AA Advanced Docking Station that goes with this for as little as $30. It adds port replicators as well as 2 “Multi-Bays,” which can be configured with additional hard drives, optical drives, etc.

Here’s something to consider when purchasing this unit – This laptop was originally released in October of 2011 and has the first-generation i5 processor.

I’ve never seen a product this old being sold on Woot.

I don’t know if this 8440p outputs audio over DisplayPort, but DisplayPort (spec) does support audio out. My T410 can output audio to my monitor over DP. You may need to check your OS’s configuration to enable it though.

Just like most of the off-lease business PCs they acquire. 6 months ago we consistently got late Penryns. 6-8 months from now it’ll be Sandy Bridge.

It’s disappointing that so many of these budget woot refurbs lack webcams. These days, that should be ubiquitous…such a small piece of tech to leave out, even if it’s just a business use notebook.

Oh, and I’ve used a handful of Elitebooks from this generation and never had a problem getting audio out of the DisplayPort using a basic DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable. Like others mentioned, you have to switch the default output device to “display audio” from the control panel. Not much to it, and once you set it, the audio will usually automatically switch over to DisplayPort the next time you connect the cable to the HDMI display.

Looked like a decent unit and ordered one… unfortunately still havent got the unit even though a shipping label was made. FedEx claimed that the item was never given to them to ship out. some service by woot. Did anyone else have this same issue?