HP 14" Intel Core i5 EliteBook Laptop

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HP 14" Intel Core i5 EliteBook Laptop
Price: $249.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Sep 17 to Monday, Sep 22) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Time to learn all about the processor and USB 3.0

Comments from a previous sale

FYI, there is a recall on HP laptop power cords and this particular unit is possibly within the affected timeframe. If you get one, be sure to check if the power cord has the specified marking and move on from there.


Decent deal. If I didn’t already buy one off Ebay, I’d go for this. It’s a no-frills productivity laptop at a good portable size. And great that it’s Win 7!

Oh, the picture shows it has a webcam but specs say otherwise…

We have several thousand of these laptops in our enterprise. They still perform relatively well after our trained monkeys load 48 background apps and throw full disk encryption on each unit. If I needed a beater laptop for the house I would definitely grab one of these.

No HDMI, be aware.

Wondering how the i5-520M laptop would perform as an arcade emulation box. It’s dual core, high clock speed. It’s half the price as mini-PC or NUC i5 boxes, granted the CPU is first gen i5 versus 3rd gen or Haswell that’s out now.

HP EliteBook 8440p Product Support

HP EliteBook 8440p Maintenance and Servicing Guide

It does, however, have DisplayPort. For $10.00 you can get a DisplayPort to HDMI cable.

LICHME The Conqueror:
I rarely comment on anything anyone does here, since almost everybody comments about almost everybody on almost everything anyway.

But today I needed to pass kudos for your link postings. Incredibly worthwhile information on a product that looks to be well worth stealing. I think it could be used as a Frisbee and a coffee cup holder and still stand up; in other words, it would be great to leave laying around the house or in a dorm room.

I thank you sir.

A hat tip, from Dr. I.M. Puzzle, Hisself!

I got one of these in a prior woot. I actually ended up with an i7 model (despite it being listed as i5) and have been pretty satisfied with it. It’s not a world-beater, but it’s great for a couch laptop.

I have never bought a refurb laptop on Woot. The 90 day warranty makes me nervous.

Has anyone had good or bad experiences with a refurb from Woot?

I see quite a few reviews of this over on NewEgg that talk about DOA batteries and “sticky stuff” on the keyboards; they don’t seem to think very highly of the refurbishing company. Any reason to feel more confident about the Woot offering? Is the refurbisher the same outfit? And did I correctly understand that the Woot 90-day guarantee does not cover the battery?

CPU Benchmark

While I won’t repeat in full what I said last time this was on sale, the summary is that my office used a very similar model (8470p) until recently and they held up very well. Great for general use in everything except gaming; it’s a good, durable workhorse with older hardware. At $249.99, it’s a steal.

I would recommend getting the HP NZ223AA Advanced Docking Station as it adds port replicators as well as 2 “Multi-Bays,” which can be configured with additional hard drives, optical drives, etc. Or, if you don’t need all that, the HP VB043AA#ABA Docking Station gives you all the port replicators without the Multi-Bays for about $30.

I bought this computer on August 20th because I was looking for a newer, inexpensive laptop. I liked the specs, especially Windows 7, and since I wasn’t going to tax it heavily, this would be fine. Unfortunately, the specs for my purchase (and today’s offering as well) states:
“SuperMulti DVD±RW drive - watch movies on your computer; read and write CDs and DVDs in multiple formats”
My unit arrived with a DVD-ROM drive and a power supply with the bare electrical wires showing. The paperwork with the unit requested getting in touch with the refurbishing company before contacting Woot. I’ve done that and after around ten back and forth emails, they’re sending me a DVD-RW drive with a new power supply under warranty. I haven’t even turned it on yet because of the dangerous condition of the power supply and I didn’t want to go through the registration process if the refurbishing company wanted to exchange it. I also bought a similar laptop on March 20th with the same claim regarding the DVD-RW drive, but it also arrived with a DVD-ROM, so I sent that one back. That went very smoothly, by the way. Woot stepped right up and credited my account. I had even sent an email to Woot about my current purchase asking them if the optical drive was indeed a RW vs. ROM and they said since the specs say it is, it must be so.
Once my replacement RW drive and power supply arrives, I’ll need to contact Woot about getting my warranty period reset.

Woot is NOT AT ALL HELPFUL. You will likey be fine but IF there is an issue the Woot team will simply tell you to contact the manufacture and then ignore you completely. ZERO help