HP 15.6" 15-A68UWR Notebook

HP 15.6" 15-A68UWR Notebook

Is this Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Home with S-Mode?

Hi there. I don’t see any mention of S-Mode in the offer. Am I missing it?

It’s Windows Home as stated.

Is there a manufacturer link to find specs? When I look up the model, the only links that come up are from Woot.

Can you check the model number? HP says they have no reference for the one listed in this post.

I did ask and our buyer asked the vendor. Haven’t heard back from that. Let me ping again.

Update: No word from the vendor yet. We’re ending the listing until we hear back from him. Sorry about this.

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Thanks for the effort. Will be waiting to hear back.

I’m guessing this is a dead end?

Yeah, no word back. It’s a dead deal.

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