HP 15.6" 8560p Intel Core i7 EliteBook

Here’s the hp page on these looks like it could have any of a few second generation i7 processors, but none of them are 2.4Ghz and the only one that’s dual core is the i7-2620M.

Maybe it was a typo and they meant to say 3.4Ghz, as that is what the 2620M hits with turbo boost.

my guess is 2760qm processor. 2.4ghz, but it is quad core. There seem to be plenty of 8560P’s with that processor advertised. Not sure why it isn’t on the HP page.

So I emailed woot, and they said they could not clarify the specs. “what you order and see in the description is what you will be delivered in your order.”

Will they take it back for a full refund when they have a typo?

Thumbs up for Joy Systems (the refurbisher). I was able to call and talk to a tech person and then a sales person who verified that this is a quad core machine.

And the specs are now updated! Says Quad Core. Can’t wait for mine to arrive.