HP 15.6" AMD A4 1TB Touchscreen Notebook

HP 15.6" AMD A4 1TB Touchscreen Notebook

Anyone have any thoughts on this? My old HP Envy is literally on death’s door and I need something portable. I’m not looking for power, I’ve got an Omen at home and a lightweight SurfacePro for all my tablet needs. I just want something basic for work processing and browsing.

The A4 processor is definitely on the weaker side and the hard drive will dull any aspirations of speed.

As long as you don’t need a lot of storage and can do without a touchscreen, this Lenovo at Best Buy is currently on sale for $210. The processor is a bit faster, but the largest performance gain will be had with its SSD. It’s still considered low-end, but at least it’s new instead of refurbished.



That makes sense to me. Thank you for the link! Looking at it now.