HP 15.6" AMD A9 Dual-Core 1TB SATA Laptop

Does this laptop have a CD/DVD drive? I thought I saw that yesterday but don’t see it today.

Thank you for the question. This does not come with a CD/DVD drive.

Woot community I need some guidance! We are considering buying our kiddos laptops for Christmas to do their schoolwork on as well as play games from Minecraft and Steam. Could someone tell me what the minimum requirements I should be looking for are? We really don’t have money for real “gaming” computers but they really enjoy playing Minecraft on servers, roblox, and undertale and we want to be certain they can play those without lag.

Could anyone share their expertise as to what our best option may be whether it be this model or another?

We would greatly appreciate the great knowledge of others as this is a big purchase fore us! Please and thank you!

I can not believe there is a laptop on Woot without a frigging DVD drive. And stupid me just bought one yesterday.

Many of the small ultra books do not have a DVD drive.