HP 15.6" AMD E2 Dual-Core 1TB Notebooks

No specs? No wonder no posts, What’s in the box? Or do we just trust Woot to send us an adequately optioned laptop for $300 for people who wouldn’t know what all that tech jargon means?

Never mind. I went back to the opening screen and saw the modest and inadequate specs listed at the top. My bad. And Woot’s for selling this.

Click on the specs tab next to features under the photos. You’ll find all you need there. :slight_smile:

a down right sneaky place to hide the specs., TT …
under a tab marked ‘specs’ …
without the period how is anyone to know specs … is an abbreviation for specifications???
goodness … sneaky…

Speaking of specs … the higher speed version of this machine rated a review of “nothing new under the sun”
in July of last year
described as “HP offers the 15z with a range of AMD processors starting with the much slower dual-core E2-9000e up to the faster quad-core A12-9720P APU”
several “for the price” comments, in the evaluation, but they were writing about ‘street price’
… now it’s Woot priced! a whole different bag of crumpets