HP 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Business Notebook

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HP 15.6" AMD Quad-Core Business Notebook
Price: $294.99
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Condition: New


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Do you think anything better than this will be out for the same price on the day after Thanksgiving?

Perhaps, but why wait to save $20 and risk not getting one? Or having to stand in front of a big-box store all night and getting body slammed by some over zealous fool?

Skip some pizzas to save a few bucks and then bask in the glow of your self-respect, knowing you did the right thing.

And you can use the new laptop you already have to read about glass doors breaking at Walmart due to the crush after Thanksgiving. Or the meltdown of some server that caused nobody to get their Black Friday two-dollar smart phone.

How anyone can sell a business laptop in this day and age with less than 1080 resolution is beyond me. Especially on a screen this big!

For those of us who used green or orange CRTs and DOS, this is fine.

I don’t think it’s a business laptop as much as a refurbished business laptop that poor/cheap guys like me use at home. It’s obsolete hardware but good for everything I do. What concerns me more is that I haven’t seen the $300 refurbs getting much better over the last year. A little more RAM and tiny ssd’s instead of hard drives. I expected a lot more by now.

Bought this at a wootoff a few weeks ago. No complaints. 13yo son mostly uses it for YouTube and homework. I’ve borrowed it a few times for Skype video conferences. Per previous comments, I wouldn’t really call it a business laptop either, but it does what we need it to.

I used thise computers in grade school. That doesn’t make this machine any more of a business machine. Still, if you’re happy with it, I’m glad someone is :slight_smile:

“Risk not getting one?” Ummmm… these have been on woot practically every week for MONTHS. I’m willing to bet you CAN get something better around thanksgiving, and even if you don’t, chances are woot will STILL have some of these. The supply seems inexhaustible… or nobody’s buying them. Probably because they’re really not that good a deal.

There ARE better deals to be had. Patience.

This particular AMD processor was released in May, 2015. You are either quite precocious and intellectually far advanced for your age or, perhaps, it’s just the similarity in the color of the case you recognize.

I bought this HP a few weeks ago I agree the touch pad is a little jerky. I had a fan noise issue. HP tech support was able to rectify with a driver download update. Great support fomm HP. Other than the fan the computer is working great.