HP 15.6" ENVY x360 15-cp0053cl Laptop

HP 15.6" ENVY x360 15-cp0053cl Laptop

The description for this laptop is different to the specs listed in the main Section. Which one is it?

Also does it come with a Pen? One of the pics has it.

Hi there. Sorry about that. Features are updated.

8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD is correct.

@wetaculartastic I picked up one of these back in March and although it expressly said Pen not included, it came with one. https://computers.woot.com/offers/hp-envy-x360-15-full-hd-convertible-laptops

I cannot recommend it at this price – see above – and also the one I received started having issues with coming out of suspend (still does), keyboard repeat rate gets reset to slow, may blue screen and crash, apps may hang for a minute or more, keyboard/mouse and touch screen sometimes take 30 seconds to respond after waking, sometimes I’ll hear a device disconnect sound, and frequently, sound gets dorked up and makes no noise. This didn’t start happening frequently until the week after the HP 90 days was gone. It’s my fault for not testing it more aggressively the first two months. These kind of issues are hard to isolate when the diagnostics say everything passes, but I am sad that I got stuck with this particular one.

There’s also the chance that the reason for HP refurbishing it isn’t the same as the unit I received. It’s always a game of luck, but at least you’ll know a worst case outcome, getting stuck a transient recurring issue that isn’t detected by the diags.

Those issues aside, it’s a little sluggish for moderate work, but does play simple 3D games just fine. It can get a little warm on the bottom and needs clear ventilation on the bottom. The battery will last about 3 hours.

Since I had nothing to lose after the 90 days warranty, I bought the third party SATA adapter and added a Micron SSD and swapped in RAM from a different laptop. It’s a little tricky to open up and the rubber pads cover the screws.

The above issues haven’t been as bad with PC4-2400 RAM and the Micron 5300 MAX SSD. It’s still using the 256GB as the boot drive; no issues with it.

Specs says it is limited to 12 GB but mine is working better with the 24 GB of RAM than the single PC4-2666 8GB it shipped with.

To be fair @zahgrim - the one you bought was a generation older than this (2500u vs 3500u) but still… yeah this is a garbage price, Woot… the current 4500u version of this was on sale recently at Costco and Best Buy for $620. (Granted, not any more.) And that was brand new with full warranty.

Also, buyer beware… not all of these are created equal, some have soldered memory that cannot be upgraded. (This, I believe, can though)