HP 15.6" Intel Quad-Core 500GB Notebook

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HP 15.6" Intel Quad-Core 500GB Notebook
Price: $259.99
Shipping Options:: $6 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Tuesday, Sep 18 to Friday, Sep 21) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Not a good deal at all. For the price, could have been a solid EliteBook 8570p, even with SSD installed.

The processor is pretty weak. Insufficient RAM. Wireless N only.


Hi. I’m only finding used “EliteBook 8570p” laptops around this price. Do you have a link?

There is plenty on the Bay and also from major refurb places.

Majority comes with Win 7 Pro that can still be upgraded to Win 10 Pro.

Link to refurb one?

Mediocre CPU? Check! Large, low-resolution display? Check! HDD instead of SSD? Check!

The RAM is the only thing acceptable on this laptop. This is a hard pass. Nobody should buy laptops like this to discourage manufacturers from releasing ones with terrible components.

What price range should a laptop with all your desired features be?

The external links to those refurb centers may get removed anyway. As mentioned, plenty of choices on the Bay.

This is a price range that is still possible with a good condition EliteBook 8570p with 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM (with a possibility to expand) and a “better” 1600*900 display and a third gen i7 quad cores (~3 times more powerful to this N3710). Some modified it to even takes in non standard 1080p IPS display.

Not the best but in terms of upgradability the 8570p wins hands down. Keyboard is also very decent. Removable batteries, possible connection to a docking station.

You can even run those external GPU using the PCI Express hack.

Important notes.
-8gb is the max ram this chipset will support. Intel Pentium Processor N3710 2M Cache up to 2.56 GHz Product Specifications So, the ram is effectively not upgradable for this laptop.

-This is a BGA socket meaning the chip is soldered to the mobo and can’t be swapped with a better chip.

Links or it didn’t happen.

Didn’t think so. Just once, I wish someone would say you can get a superior system for this price and actually post a link to buy that item.

Look, a simple search on the internet would be pretty straightforward.


One example that’s well below this pricing. There are combo that is with 256GB SSD and I am sure will fit to woot’s pricing.