HP 15.6" Laptop (i5-1035, 8GB, 256 GB SSD) (Open Box)

HP 15.6" Laptop (i5-1035, 8GB, 256 GB SSD) (Open Box)

Two questions (1st may seem silly):

  1. Does is come with the power cord? It’s not mentioned, just want to be sure since some things don’t anymore.

  2. It says at the bottom of the Features tab I can purchase an Asurion warranty, but when I click on the FAQ for the warranty, it says it doesn’t apply to open box clearance. So should that offer not be on this computer, or can I buy the additional warranty? If I can buy it, do I buy the computer 1st then click on the link in the Features to somehow order it next and Amazon knows what the warranty is for? I’m a bit confused (not unusual).


  1. Yes, it comes with a power cord.

  2. Yes, open box items are excluded. I removed the blurb. Asurion would know when you showed them receipt on a claim.

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Thank you for the information! You’re the best :angel: !!