HP 15.6" or 17.3" Dual-Core Laptop

**Item: **HP 15.6" or 17.3" Dual-Core Laptop
Price: $449.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Anybody know the model of these? I have an HP Pavilion that isn’t quite as good as this, however it has been able to run everything that I have thrown at it with no problems. Great, especially for the price.

The model numbers for each laptop should be listed under the “Color” dropdown in the sale.

What is model and does it have touch screen?

Yawn. Pedestrian price. For pedestrian specs. For near entry level HP model line.

Can get into Intel i5’s locally in the $400-500 range pretty consistently.

Does this have a touchscreen? I wont buy any Windows 8 products without the touchscreen!

Model numbers are shown in the Color drop down list

No touch screen.

Refurbished or new?


It looks like the processor on this is a dog,what about the graphics?

can I downgrade to win7?

Got the 17 inch last time around.

Want to know where it is right now?

At HP.

It worked for a few weeks.

Then went to turn it on one morning and it was DEAD.

No Power, no nothing!

HP “Parts on Back Order”. Could be months.

I respectively recommend you stay away from this one!

How is this a good deal? I can walk right into a BB and buy this laptop for $380 that has a newer and better APU that beats today’s APU 2717 to 1607 in passmark and 625 to 465 on G3D. Come on woot, this is weak.


I would love to hear some feedback on this as well… My 5.5 year old HP g60 is on its last legs. This seems to look like a newer version. I have never really loved the g60, but for $350, I can’t complain about a piece of technology that has lasted this long.

I would love a Mac Book Air, but there is no way I can spend $1000 on a computer. If there was a decent Windows option for $500, I would be all over it. I have also been thinking about the Samsung Chromebook… it might be all that I need, but I am not sure if it would work well to share with my wife. I am not sure if it would be a pain to switch between users.

c/n: Is the HP from BB a decent deal for a laptop that will last 3-5 years for mostly web browsing and Google Aps. I also need it to transfer and manage photos from our camera.

What size screen? can you do 17" or is that too big?

Yes, this is decent computer for all the stuff you mentioned - especially the largish hard drive for the price (Talking about the BB computer not the Woot one). I have an almost identical spec Asus (slightly smaller hard drive) that I got for the same price. It can even handle some less graphic intense games with the dedicated like graphics (I play PES 2013). Regarding workmanship - not sure if it will last 5 years but should probably be okay for 3 years. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

17 is too big… I am looking for something pretty light weight.

I have been issued a Mac Book Air from school ( I am a teacher)… and honestly, I love the size (13"), weight, battery life and build quality. I just can’t justify paying over $1,000 for a web browsing toy. While Mountain Lion has grown on me, I can live without all of the things that make the mac os different than windows. On the other hand, who knows what I will think of Windows 8.

I have 3 major complaints with my old g60. 1) it gets VERY HOT… I can’t actually use it on my lap for very long.
2) I am getting ready for a second external battery replacement, and now getting a warning message for an internal battery replacement. This appears to be a 2 minute fix with $8.00 worth of parts from Amazon.
3) We take a lot of pictures of our family. I use some HP software to import the pics, and it usually crashes my computer. I am sure that the issue is with the hp software, but I haven’t found another tool that will automatically import the pics into folders based on the month they were taken. I figured Picasa would be able to do this, but Google hasn’t helped me find a way to do it.


This is what you want. Office Depot $550. Lenovo® IdeaPad® U310 Touch (59365302) Laptop Computer With 13.3" Touch-Screen Display & 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i5-3337U. It even has a 24gb SS cache drive built in. No optical drive- but this might not be important to you. Touch screen is a great feature when you have windows 8.
500 GB (hard drive); 24 GB (solid-state drive)