HP 15.6" 8560p Intel Core i7 EliteBook

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HP 15.6" 8560p Intel Core i7 EliteBook
Price: $349.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I have one of these from work. It’s terrible with Windows 8. Even running a search for an app takes 10-15 seconds. Computer continually goes into full disc read/write, and will not do anything else.
Maybe it’s my install, maybe it’s something else, but I have had absolutely awful luck with this machine.

Processor Info


instantly closes tab

Anyone know if the CPU is soldered to the motherboard?

DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP! Woot-Amazon puts their own image on this laptop which makes it virtually impossible to replace the hard drive if it goes bad so don’t waste your money like I did on this model. JUST GOOGLE THIS MODEL & SEE THE HEADACHES THAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE HAVING LIKE ME: I’LL NEVER BUY A LAPTOP AGAIN FROM WOOT ESPECIALLY AN HP!!!

Umm…just delete the partitions and reinstall windows…lol…

At my job, I maintain around 850 of these laptops. The processor is removable. The laptops we have, have an iCore 5 processor instead of an i7. We have been using these for over two years now and they get abused by the students. The cases are made of aluminum and will dent with hard falls.

Make sure to update to the latest BIOS. BIOS version .23 had an error where it would not charge the battery if it was dead. BIOS version .50/.51 is the latest on the website that resolves that issue and improves the security of the system.

Overall these systems are decent laptops for a business environment.

LOL - just what I was thinking. The passmark for this CPU is 3847, or about a third of the newer i7’s, so not that speedy.

The AMD Graphics CPU is passmarked at 323, a little bit faster than an Intel HD3000, so its not great for gaming either.

On the plus side, it supports 16gb ram, and the HP’s Elitebooks are generally pretty solid. I have an 8770w and it is a tank. Not a bad deal, but I’ll pass.


Check out the Woot Buying Guide for Laptops and tell us what you think!

1600x900 screens are $45-50 and 1080p screens are ~$55-60 new on eBay. On an elitebook (or probook) replacing the screen is very simple.

Hi there. Our laptops, like any refurbished laptop bought from just about any other retailer, are imaged by the refurbishing company. We have nothing to do with the OS put on the computer or the computer’s design.

As noted above, there are instructions out there for reimaging computer hard drives.

HP has instructions for replacing the hard drive.

Just a reminder for y’all that the Elitebook is HP’s business-class laptop series. They’re gonna have a sturdy build that’s great for lots of travel & moving around.

I can’t find many negative comments at all. Everything seems to be 4 to 4.5 stars. Try posting a link to what you are referring to.


EliteBook 8560p

EliteBook 8560p Maintenance and Service Guide

why in the h**l would I consider a laptop that I have to materially rework to make effective…what’s worse is that WOOT would put this inferior product on their site to cause heartache!!! C’mon…there’s plenty of “adequate” product out there. Thanks to the discussion board as it has saved my posterior more than once. Onward in hopes of finding a legitimate laptop!!

It costs $350. A very low price for a decent business grade laptop. You can pay twice that, or you can sink an hour or two into configuring a new laptop, something you’re gonna have to spend some time on anyway.