HP 15.6" 8560p Intel Core i7 EliteBook

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HP 15.6" 8560p Intel Core i7 EliteBook
Price: $349.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I guess that being from over 4 years ago is why it’s this inexpensive.

Remarkably enough, I’m typing this on one of these machines right now. This used to be the standard engineering machine for the company that I worked at (which, by the way, built the fingerprint sensor in this machine).

These are great machines, for being several years old. The i7 in them is silly; as a dual-core CPU it should be labelled an i5. But for everything I do with it today, it’s plenty fast.

From a security standpoint, setting up drive encryption, and enabling BIOS authentication, gives enterprise-level security - nobody is going to log into your machine without your fingerprint.

With the 1600x900 display resolution, characters are large enough that my poor old eyes can still read the screen.

I’d certainly recommend it.

Worth noting however 2620M’s are HT (like most i7’s but unlike i5’s), so while it’s technically only a physical dual-core the HT effectively gives it 4 cores to work with as far as things go.

As long as it is “refurbished” well, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this machine. It’s noticeably heavier than other 15" machines, because it is has much better build quality. Look at the hinge between the screen and keyboard.

And it has a matte screen! 2 USB 3 ports and 2 USB 2 ports!

And a FRESH Windows 7 Pro which you could upgrade to 10 for free if you dare! Wait a while before you do if you do. You can wait almost a whole year to see how 10 turns out. I am not convinced so far.

You won’t find any current new 15" machine at this price or a bit above that is better, although new machines may have a touchscreen (and Windows 8 or 10).

Sadly the specs for the one woot is selling say the screen is 1366 x 768.

Another great spec’d laptop ruined by 1366x768. This resolution isn’t great for anything over 13. Wish manufacturers would stop pushing out cheap panels, the upgrade panel is usually only 50 more when new.

For the i5 vs i7 debate, yes, there’s not much difference in the laptop front between an i5 and a dual-core i7. Both are hyperthreaded.

That said, these are nice machines. We have a few of the 8470p’s at work, which are the 14" version and use the next “generation” of Intel processor which is basically the same as the one used in this line. They are great machines, and have held up really well. They have a little better design/durability/functionality as compared to the slower lower ProBook line.

I generally recommend off-lease/refurbished business laptops to people at work who are looking to get a personal laptop. These are a pretty good deal, assuming they are refurbished well, but you can probably get a similarly spec’d machine for a bit cheaper if are willing to go into the “used” market. However, if you want something that is going to work out of the box and you know what you’re getting, this isn’t bad.

A good upgrade, as always, would be an SSD drive. In my experience, any modern system since the Core 2 era has been bottlenecked mostly by the hard drive, and SSD’s will really breathe life into a machine.

Woot… Can you confirm the screen resolution?? Is it in fact 1366x768 ??

^^^^^^ I would also like to know ^^^^^

Nothing elite about 1366x768. I would rather have 1920x1080 panel and use the integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics (the cost of the graphics card would more than subsidize the cost of a better panel). Instead HP put in a Radeon 6470m that has about the same performance as the integrated HD 3000 graphics (G3D mark is 317 for Radeon and 309 for Intel HD 3000). It’s all about marketing and poor configuration for HP. I use an elite book at work (not this particular one) and they are nice pieces of hardware that could be configured better. I am a pixel whore and proud of it. Join me to stamp out resolutions of less than 1920x1080 in devices that are larger than 10 inches. Ideally one day 1080p should be the minimum standard on any device.

I would also like the “no webcam” option confirmed by Woot.

I am on the fence here, I have a 8560 but it is getting a little old

picture shows webcam, specs say NO webcam

A lot of people get confused on the I7 vs I5… It’s not just core count, or hyperthreading,it comes down to architecture. Within a given generation the I7 will have more cache and other tweaks when compared to their I5 counterparts. When it all is said and done a way to see the advantage of the I7 over the I5 is when you take into consideration the amount of work produced (benchmark) compared to the amount of power consumed (TDP). Within the same generation you’ll see more performance per watt on an I7 vs an I5. Even though within that same generation a particular I5 might have a better overall benchmark than an I7(energy efficient), when you consider per watt performance the I7 generally wins out because of the better architecture.

If this computer is anything like the 17.3 elite book I bought here a few years ago, buy it.

I’m still using it daily 3 years later it has been a great computer

I’m not sure why this & the resolution need confirming- this is the information we get from our vendor for the laptop we’re selling. (So I guess consider this confirmation?)