HP 15.6" A8 Quad-Core Win 7 Pro Laptop

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HP 15.6" A8 Quad-Core Win 7 Pro Laptop
Price: $249.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Jul 01 to Monday, Jul 06) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Another 1366 x 768 resolution display on woot. This crap is getting old. :confused:

I purchased one from the last sale. It is a good value, IMO, I may get another one. My biggest gripes is the small size of the keyboard and the fact the Num Lock does not have a light indicating whether or not it is on or off. Also the Max transfer rate over it’s single channel 2.4GHz WiFi is about 50-60Mbps, not sure what the bottleneck is, it should be capable of twice that speed.

The Sound is surprising not horrible, it’s acceptable, It’s not a Beats, but not bad.

IMPORTANT: This laptop uses an internal DisplayPort adapter for the laptop screen, which is NOT HDCP compliant. For anyone wanting to use Windows Media Center w/ a CableCARD device, this laptop will NOT display Protected Content. Protected Content is any channel that uses the CCI Byte 0x02.

The HDMI port is HDCP compliant, meaning you could use an HDMI Cable to a monitor to display Protected Content, just not the laptop screen.

This laptops is eligible for the Free Windows 10 upgrade, if anyone is interested.

It ships with Win7 Pro, but has discs for Win 8.1 Pro. and has very little bloatware installed.

This would be much faster with 8GB of RAM and an SSD or WD Black HDD.

Can anyone tell me how the battery life is on this laptop

Pointing this out every time they have a less than $300 computer is getting old as well!

It’s a very small battery,
Depending on usage and screen brightness, and whether or not you are playing video, 1-4 hours avg.

Well, I disconnected mine from the power cable at fully charged and the little battery indicator on the start bar said that I had 2 hours and 7 minutes left. I didn’t actually run it till it died so I don’t know for sure, but that was its estimate.

And that was with wifi turned on.

Not everyone needs more, especially if the price is right, but is it?

That resolution on a 15" laptop is just fine. It would matter a little bit more on a 17" screen. Some people just want to complain when they can’t have it their way.

Everybody needs more. More is better, don’t settle for less. This refurbished PC could easily get 300+ if it were 1920x1080. For the $10 bucks more they could have spent on a full HD panel, the return is well worth it. The way it is now, you’re stuck with a screen that’s not even hdcp compliant. It drives me crazy that I can get 2560x1440 resolution on a 5.7 inch phone, yet no one is annoyed that 14 or 15 inch screen is still 1366x768.

And that 5.7 inch phone costs 3x what this computer costs, no?

In October I bought a refurb’d i5-2520M Lenovo from Woot with a 1600x900 screen for only $50 more than this. I think what I got was way better than this. If this was $200 then if would probably be an ok deal.

True, but you can’t exactly hold a laptop up to your head to make a call either- well I guess you could??? Then you have " is that a laptop in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" question.

The cost difference in the panel is almost nothing. Look at HD TV’s. You can’t even buy a 720P set anymore because the 1080P panels are just as cheap to manufacture. How about the 4K UHD, those are about the same price now that 1080P used to be. I don’t understand how on the entertainment side people are all about having the cleanest best image you can have, yet on a work/school device where you have to stare at a screen for hours a day- people are fine with a resolution that has been out for the past 15 years.

I know that this is not in the same price category as today’s computer woot, but this is an awesome deal for $460.I just saw that woot is offering this laptop again. I bought one last time (actually as a gift), and it is one sweet piece of hardware-all metal. I put an SSD into it and it is perfect now. It also has backlit keys. If you decide to get this and put in an ssd, you need to carefully remove the 2 rear rubber footpads, because there are 2 additional screws under each of those rubber pads. Then after you remove all of the other visible screws carefully pry it open with like with a credit card or something. DON’T pull the back completely off (there is a wire attached), simply put it to the side, the HDD is easily exposed then. It’s held in there with a rubber type of molding, no screws. Pop out the OLD HDD, clone the SSD and put that rubber piece back around the SSD, hook up the connections and you’re good to go. I bought a USB 3.0 enclosure for the HDD I removed, partitioned that HD, kept the original OS on one partition of 50GB, and the rest was used for media storage. This way if the SSD goes bad, I still have a back-up.

Toshiba P55W-B5220 Satellite Radius Convertible Laptop, 15.6" Full-HD IPS Touchscreen, Intel Core i5-4210U 1.7GHz, 750GB SATA, 8GB DDR3, 802.11ac, Bluetooth, Win8.1

Do you know for a fact, if this Toshiba laptop has an HDCP compliant screen?
I might be interested. I have two older Toshiba laptops that do work with WMC and Protected Content.

Also is it just Win 8.1 or 8.1Pro, I would need Pro for WMC.