HP 15.6" AMD A4 Quad-Core Laptops

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HP 15.6" AMD A4 Quad-Core Laptops
Price: $299.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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CPU Benchmarks

Time to learn all about the processor

So this chart shows that it’s from near the bottom of the barrel? From Good at the top of the chart to bad at the bottom?

At least 10% more worse than this, but yes.

I’ve always wanted to ask this but was afraid because it’s stupid. However here goes: those buttons. I have had quite a few laptops without buttons on the trackpad. I prefer without however my question is do these need the buttons to perform right and left click mouse actions or would a two finger tap on the pad act as a right click?

I think the buttons would be better.


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What specific 15 model is this? It looks like some of the 15’s only have one memory slot and others have two. It also looks like some of the 15’s require elaborate disassembly to access the memory slot. I would like to upgrade it to 8GB without voiding the warranty.

With Factory Reconditioned models, the lot may be a mix of models. They are are brought up to the minimum specs noted in the sale.

It’s bottom of the barrel for the category of “High Mid Range CPUs” (see top of page). Go to the top right where it has "select a page with a down arrow and you can select different performance categories. The performance on this isn’t that bad, it’s about par for the price. This is plenty of performance for what most people do on a computer. I don’t think this is a great deal, but it’s not a bad deal either.

Thank you.

Are they needed, however? My Lenovo, Macbook, and Chromebook have no buttons.

The trackpads without buttons are clickable on the bottom portion of the trackpad. The chromebooks just have a single click, and if you click with 2 fingers it’s a right click… I think the Mac stuff is assignable on registering where on the trackpad you want to define those clicks. Windows stuff is also assignable, but generally if you click on the bottom right of the trackpad it’s a right click and the bottom left is a left click.

It’s all preference and model design. As far as I’m concerned, I’m fine with either design as long as they work well. But I hate using a trackpad, and I use a wireless mouse 99% of the time, so trackpad design to me isn’t a make or break deal. Other people might feel a lot different regarding this though.