HP 15.6" AMD A6 1TB SATA Touch Laptop

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This looks like a pretty great machine to get for my wife to do some word processing/podcasting. Does anyone know what that processor would roughly translate to? i3? i5?

Looks low end, but adequate for those uses:

You will have no problem doing those tasks with this processor. Unless you plan on doing high end gaming or video editing, this processor is more than adequate.

Compared to an Intel i3 processor, the i3 is faster with single threaded tasks, but the APU in this computer will be more competitive with multiple threads. Graphics wise, this APU will probably be faster than the i3. So - it depends on what you are doing. For basic tasks, I doubt you would notice much difference. Put a Solid State Drive in it and you will notice the biggest performance difference.

Hope this helps.

Looking for a good laptop for my son. Does anyone know if this can handle Minesweeper on it’s max graphic settings?

What kinda FPS could I get in this mode?